Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting Miss Scarlet

Hiya!! Waving furiously & jumping up and down to get your attention. Alot has gone in my not so simple little life. I would never bog you down with the dirty details, just know it's been a character building time in our family's life. And, we done be filled up to our gills in character. Probably enough to last a lifetime. But, that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger... Man, you should see my pipes!

But, that's not why you're here. You're here for some crafty inspiration and a chuckle or two to help get you through YOUR character building life. So, without further delay... I've been asked, more than once, how I get everything done that I do. I mean, I AM a mom of five and the wife of a man who serves our country. Well, it's simple. I make lists and break the bigger tasks into more manageable steps. Like blogging, for instance. I typically keep a list of things I'd like to chat about and use that as a reference when I sit down to upload photos (both chaos-related, ahem, family-related and crafty) for the post. Then, in the evenings, after the dinner crumbs have been brushed away and in between preparing lunches and pulling five sets of clothes for the following day, I sit down with my lappy and compose a post to go along with the selected photos.

So... that's how you arrive at my blog today with Sassy climbing out of a trailer that LOOKS to be filled with the cold white stuff we know as snow. Well, that would be the case IF I prepared this post today, but alas, this post was started back in October when the walls started coming in around me personally. I just couldn't let this special day I spent with the twins and their classmates go by without me mentioning it here. Frick and Frack on their first fieldtrip... at the farm.

Some scrappiness using MME's Alphabet Soup. Love this bright, happy fun line. Did these for Scrapbook Express.

Random goodness...

A fun Sassafras page for Croppin Paradise. All of these goodies are still available in the stores.

Even though things have been off, I still have TONS of fun scrappy assignments to share, so be back soon, k?