Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blog Hop Week One Winner

I figured before we got too far with this week's rak for stopping by my blog, we should announce last week's winner. Congrats to ellen s. Please email me at scrappinjen(at)verizon(dot)net. Hope you all enjoy this week's Mosh Posh Blog Hop. I love reading all of your comments.

Blog Party Week 2

Hello all you Scrappers! Happy Hump Day! For today's fun, I thought I would revisit another layout I did using May's "Adore You" kit. I also used some of the patterned paper add-on and some Sass goodness from the Sassafras kit, also available in the store. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love me some Sassafras Lass. So, when I saw Kristen had paired my beloved Sass with the brand new, red hot Lily Bee stuff for the month of May, I was "stoked". (Yes, I'm old enough to say that word!)

I started with the backside of Lily Bee's "Handmade"(the pale green/blue/cream floral). Above that I added a piece of the Vintage Yummy "Memory Lane". This piece looks like a rainbow with all those curves. So, so far I've got my "base". But what to do with the edge between my 2 patterns? I cut 2 strips of Lily Bee's "Paris", the blue floral. I accordion folded these real random-like going back and forth and even back to back. You get the picture, real haphazard. As I went i tried to guide it over the bottom curves of the "Memory Lane" paper. When one piece ended, I just shoved the end of the second strip under the first, and kept going. Once I had this edge bordering the 2 base papers the way I wanted, I tacked it down with a tiny bit of adhesive before I ran a stitch down the whole thing to keep it down for good. Like so...

Something else I did here was cut-up the branch from the upper left hand corner of Sass's "In Love" paper from the Sass kit. I needed it on the other side of my page, so i flipped it and glued it down in the lower right hand corner of my page. When I glued it down, I just used a little adhesive. And then I curled up the edges of the butterfly and leaves, etc. to give the page some more dimension. See what I mean:

To finish up the page i added some Woodland Whimsy chipboard (and added stitching behind the birdy), a hand-cut frame from the "Remember Me" paper on pop dots (yes, I use these frames on a ton of my stuff), a couple layered Chatterbox butterfly embellies. My pix, a fun mixed-up title, and of course some journaling added up to one meaningful yummy page.

Thanks for stopping by today. Make sure you check back soon when I show you a little magazine inspiration for next month's ROCKIN June kit!

**edited to add. leave me a comment about something that makes you happy and I'll enter your name in a little rak of scrappy goodness from me to you. I'll draw a name at 5pm ET on Friday. Good luck!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mosh Posh Blog Hop

Hey all! Welcome to Mosh Posh's blog hop and to my personal blog. Have a lookie around while you're here. This is my place to let off some steam and ramble about my daily life as I try to survive another day with my five younguns while my hubby is away saving the world. Oh, yea, I always throw in a little scrappy goodness, too.

For today's blog Hop I thought i would give you an upclose look at one of my layouts from May's Gallery. This one is called " These are the Days".

As soon as I received my Mosh Posh package I started cutting up the wonderful Sassafras Lass Vintage Yummy paper. You know the one, the one with those darling little frames all over. So, I had this neat little pile of frames. Now what? Pretty quick I envisioned this little ledge shelf with frames running across it. So, I started arranging the frames on the top of the paper with the Sass edge as my "shelf" To take that shelf-idea further, I adhered stuff with my ever trusty pop dots. See, how cute is this?:

I finished up the page with some hand-cut flowers from the Lily Bee paper in the lower left hand corner. I topped that with some CBX felt flowers. Added my pix and a little more Sass-lovin. Now, that my scissors have had their workout, it was time to tell the story. I tucked my journaling on a JB card behind the page that pulls "out" with a flower I put together with a Sass Paper Whimsy and Sass chipboard. The journaling says: "It's no secret. There are days I wonder if I can keep at it. Most days really. My days are filled with pulling kids out of the dishwasher, repairing the broken gate on the stairs (yet again), and rescuing Sullivan from the grip of Sassy. But then, mouth full of lunch, Sullivan throws me a big old kiss, Muah! I think I'll make it."

Just a little snapshot of how I put this page together AND a look at this crazy life of mine. Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment about your crazy life and I'll enter your name in a drawing for a little package of scrappy goodness courtesy of little old me. I'll draw a name on Friday at 5ET. See you next time!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bookends, Part Deaux

So, my fabulous birthday was yesterday. This is how my day went:
1. Starbucks-check
2. Michaels-check
great stuff on clearance, score!
3. Change 3 dirty beds-check
4. Fix toilet-check
5. Play Candy Land-check
6. Got all pretty smelling for myself (Harajuko Lover's Love)-check
7. New Vera Bradley-check
8. Chicken quesadillas for dinner-check
9. Homemade ooey gooey brownies from friends-check
10. Energy to scrap the night away-

Here are a couple peeks at some of my latest. I know, I know, Sass again?!?

Today's bookends are from Mother's Day. Those dang cutie patootie Harajuko dolls and Sullivan enjoying naptime. I lost my nerve to post the trouble Sophia partook in. Sullivan was an angel compared to her, nuff said. I'm Audi.

Monday, May 11, 2009

63 Hours and a Chicken Pesto Panini

Well, he made it. Patrick had told me he had to come back to Suffolk for some planning stuff for work. I didn't tell the kiddos until he was minutes from boarding his plane in Tampa. He was here for 2 and a half days and we had alot of catching up to do. The twins were the funniest when greeting Daddy Friday morning. Sullivan went to Patrick happily. Sophia held back and kept glancing back and forth between Patrick's new shorter hair and his face. Eventually, they were both happily in Daddy's arms.

We had a lot of celebrating to do, as well. We celebrated my impending (gulp) birthday and Mother's Day, too. Daddy enjoyed (ha) taking the three Bigs shopping on Saturday. I cleaned up with some lovely (wink) jewelry, flowers, M&M's (boy, do they know me), LOST on DVD, and some other kid-chosen gifties. He wore them out shopping as he shared with me that all three were sprawled out on the floor at Best Buy while Daddy made one of his purchases.
Patrick spoiled me, as well. He got me an external flash for my Rebel and all five of those adorable Hajuko perfumes. So, so sweet. He's ONLY been gone for two months, but I see the quilt is already pretty heavy. Patrick saw to it that I ate while he was home (something I don't always have time for in his absence), and the kids really enjoyed breakfast at the Barrell before headed back to Central Command on Sunday.

Mother's Day took a nose dive shortly after he left, but I'll leave that for another day. Nearly 2 months down and 6 to go. i think i can, i think i can... Here are some recent pages.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Bookends

No, really! What in the world could they be interested in under my couch cushions? It's like the curtain on The Wizard of Oz. You really shouldn't look. There's nothing but broken crayons and stray Cheerios to be found. It is what it is.

Spent 4 hours at All About Scrapbooks today with my friends for National Scrapbook Day. Had fun. Did nothing but shop and chat. Really needed that respite today. It's been a doozy of a week. Seven weeks down... how many weeks are in eight months? I know, don't ask.

Here's a peek of my shopping today. My name is Jenny. I have a Thickers problem. "Hi Jenny".
I've got scrappin to do, so I'll make this quick. Here's some stuff I did just for fun this week: