Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Havin a Par-tay!!!!!!

Just a quickie tonight. Hope you can stop by the Croppin Paradise Blog on Saturday to participate in the Blog hop. It will be easy peasy and so worth your time. Can you say PRIZES?!?

And a little scrappiness to tide you over til Saturday...

New Crate Paper Pink Plum...

and new and old Sass...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Still Making Lemonade


I would like to walk from point A to point B without walking over or around someone or something.

I would like to not have to shut every door behind me.

I would like to not be using child safety doorknobs throughout our house.

I would like to stop using a belt to "lock" our frig.

I would like to stop collecting sippies and bottles from under everywhere.

I would like to not sweep 3-4's per day only to still have crumb-y floors.

I would like to wear a blouse without a couple of hairbows attached to my left sleeve.

I would like to not have to sit outside the Twinnies door at naptime/bedtime until they fall asleep.

I would like to run out to my car to grab something without having to call for "back up" to avoid a couple of runners.

I would like to have less than 64 crayons under my couch cushions.

I would like to not have crayon wrappers everywhere. And the naked, broken crayons, too.

I would like to stop changing diapers after 9 plus years straight.

I would like to banish the word"hothothothot!!" from my own personal dictionary. And also the phrase "on your bottom".

I would like my hardwood floors to be sticker-free.

I would like to be able to put my Diet Coke on the table next to my chair and not out of everyone's reach, including my own.
OK, OK, OK. Maybe not today. I'm no where near ready for Puppy & Sassy to grow up. But, ONE day like this wouldn't hurt my feelings.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Blog, Therefore I Am

It took me nearly 45 minutes this morning JUST to MAKE my ToDo list for the coming week. It took me that long because I worked on it between changing diapers, rotating laundry, stripping dirty linens from beds, preparing breakfasts, and holding Julia's hair as she... well you get the picture. As I struggled to get my ToDo's down on paper, my oldest looked over my shoulder and said "Don't they know you have FIVE kids?" He wondered why I had so many assignments. This was an easy one to answer for me. I do it, because I need a little bit of ME in everyday. Raising a young family of our size while my hubby is off patrolling the waters of the Arabian Sea does not lend itself to a whole lotta ME time, unless YOU make it happen. So, I have assignments.

And, I blog. I remember starting this Party of Five last year at the urging of some online friends. I pretty much kicked and screamed when I started blogging and when I joined Facebook. These were two decisions I made that are soo all about me. I love having this outlet to share my words... and my scrappy projects. But, it's mostly my words. This from the girl who avoids journaling on her layouts as often as possible. I LOVE BLOGGING!! There, I said. It's not always pretty, but it's our life. And I want to remember it, every little dirty detail. The other thing I love about blogging is the adult interaction that it allows me. I don't get a lot of adult interaction in my day. And, no the girl at the register at Starbucks does NOT count.

You may not know I ever existed by the lack of my own photo in our family's scrapbooks, but I blog, so therefore I was. I AM!!

Now, onto our previously scheduled postings... Favorite moment from last weekend's Cub Scout campout. Once he was cajoled into the truck, he never wanted to leave. He totally got the Red Carpet treatment from the crew. That's Sassy & Reagan at the bottom...

New product love. Yep, I'm a new paper who**. No regrets, no excuses.

And, my first 3 projects for Simply Obsessed. I love that Crate Paper Pink Plum. Go get some. The linkie is on my don't need no stinkin direct link, do you?

Hope to be back soon, once all those "darn" assignments (wink) are complete.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Ribbon Epiphany & The Fog Lingers

Alright, I've left my faithful readers hanging long enough. I must share this ribbon epiphany I had the other evening while hosting that sleepover on Red Box Friday. Let me back up a bit. I've been following Dear Lizzy's blog for awhile. I've always enjoyed her posts and been inspired by her bright photos and scrappy style. So, I was thrilled along with everyone else when she announced her scrapbook line with American Crafts. I specifically was interested in one of her sneaks she revealed pre-CHA. It showcased these darling fabric flowers. Just last week she shared a tutorial on the Studio Blog here. So, I quickly ran to my scraproom to pull out the only 12 by 12 fabric I had on hand, some classic Love Elsie. And cranked out that flower from my last post. (The one in back in the photo here). So, what else could I use to make these kickin flowers?!? I pulled out some Fabrips from Studio Calico and made another flower, the woodgrain one.

So, where's the eureka moment, you ask? If you are anything like me you have 7 boxes or drawers filled with ribbon, but hoard it way more than you use it. Soo... my Lizzy's flowers with RIBBON were born. Check out the brightly colored flower with the 3 brads in the center. I think I may sit down one night real soon and just slam out a big old stack of these ribbon flowers. All sizes, all colors, and all different fun little centers. The possibilities are endless!

Here's half of the miniBook I made for Croppin Paradise using Cosmo Cricket's newest Joy Ride. All the supplies can be found in the Croppin Paradise store where prices are always 10% off retail, everyday...

Scrap That Baby's newest prompt is up. It was "What's In a name? I enjoyed the challenge so much, I did two! You still have some time to get in on the fun. the linkie is in my sidebar to the right.

I have oodles more scrappiness to share, but that's it for tonight. I'll post Simply Obsessed projects and some other new stuff real soon.
As far as our Party of Five is concerned, I was not a great mom yesterday. It's so hard for me to admit that. I'm typically so in control and on top of things. But, there have been so many tragedies happening around us recently, that I just haven't been able to be the patient mom I strive to be. I'm so thankful for another day to try harder and be that momma that my brood so loves and needs, especially on the tragic days. I'll get there. thanks for reading. I read each of your comments and they mean alot to me. Probably more than you know. Happy Hump Day. Be back soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Aha Moment

I am recovering from a busy week.
I am recovering from a sleepover last night.
I am recovering (kinda) from a Cub Scout campout today with the whole brood.
I am prepping for football signups tomorrow (already?!?!?).
I am prepping for yet another busy week.
Amid the popcorn and Red Box and ice cream sandwiches, I had an epiphany. I'll share more of this scrappy revelation later. Have a good night.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New & Old

I'm starting to feel like some of the fog is lifting and (knock wood) we're starting to get into our deployment groove. I can't thank you enough for the words of encouragement and the prayers you've offered to Patrick, our family, and the family directly affected by 121's tragedy. Thank you, thank you.

I'm starting to scrap, only for assignments and the like, but it's something. These first two are for the squadron's Ready Room's calendar. They're 6 by 6. If anyone doesn't know how these are used, just ask, and I'll post an explanation.

The next 2 items are cards I did with some more of Simply Obsessed's April kit. Thought hubby could use a little more happy mail in the coming months.

And, lastly are some notebooks I made for Teacher Appreciation week in May. I made these for the Creative Team display at All About Scrapbooks. We were challenged by Arlette to mix some old techniques/products with some new ones. Here's what I came up with...

Sorry for the short post. We're knee deep in chores, homework, dinner, and prepping for tonight's Cub Scout meeting. Be back soon. And thanks for reading! <3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Arlette... C'Mon Down!

Just a quickie tonight. I put together a couple of cards for Croppin Paradise using the Venice collection from 7 Gypsies. All of these goodies are available in the Croppin Paradise store. I figured my hubby could use some happy mail out in the middle of the Arabian Sea.

P.J. picked a number for my 100th Post Giveaway... #26!! Arlette email me at scrappinjen(dot)partyoffive(at) and I'll get a fun rak in the mail to you. Congrats!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

TWO Giveaways & Santa, The Easter Bunny & an ER Visit Averted

Would you like to win the entire Pitter Patter collection from Making Memories? Yes, I mean it. The ENTIRE collection. This includes both Sophie and Oliver and all the papers, embellies, and an album for each. This Croppin Paradise Giveaway is worth over $200 and can be found HERE.

Simply Obsessed's April kit is chock full of the brand spankin new October Afternoon Thrift shop papers. Run HERE to get yours before they're all gone. I had my Reveal before the tragic events of this week, so I did get quite a bunch done...

***********Party of Five's 100th Post Giveaway is still open. You have until Tuesday at 10pm est to get your name entered into the drawing. You can get in on the fun HERE. *************
Oh yea, one more thing...Scrap that Baby's 2nd prompt is up now. Go HERE to see what I did with it, as well as the rest of the team. Hope you join us, and there's a giveway, too. Guess that makes THREE giveways today!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Make Lemonade

Yesterday I got a wakeup call to end all wakeup calls. Please hold those you love extra close today. I spent hours yesterday picking up my house as I waited for the military's wife's biggest fear: the dreaded knock at the door. You see, there was an E-2C Hawkeye plane crash in the Arabian Sea yesterday. The plane was coming back from a mission in Afganistan when it experienced mechanical difficulties. The four crewmen had to bail out int0 the ocean. Three pilots/nfo's were rescued pretty quickly. They continue to search today for the fourth.

Why am I telling you all this?!? That's my husband's squadron. Around 11 last night, I answered the phone and it seems like it took FOREVER for the connection and then I heard his voice. He WAS ok. He was accounted for. Somehow Patrick was able to get a call out, just long enough to tell me he wasn't on THAT plane. He WAS flying ... a different E-2 at the time of the mishap. Please pray for the missing crewman, his family, the entire VAW-121 family, and our Party of Five .

I promise I'll be back soon with scrappiness. It's that silly hobby, support from family both near and far, and sloppy kisses from our kids that get me through days like these. So... go hug someone right now. The dirty socks next to the clothes hamper just aren't that big of a deal.