Friday, February 15, 2013

The One Where Her Schedule Took Over

THIS weekend is going to test even my super powers. We have four basketball games, World Thinking Day for my GS, Pinewood Derby & Blue and Gold banquet for my CS, a sleepover, Awanas, and a birthday party for our newest about to be ten year old. Before all that hits the fan, I thought I would share a few layouts I did for a design team call. I may have some news to share with you on that front. Hang tight.

Until then...

Just a random picture of my Sassy girl. As proud as can be that she did it all by herself. Don't you just love that face?!?

A few recent uses for my ever growing stash of washi tape...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The One Where She Finally Finished Something

A little bright and fun miniBook for your scrappy enjoyment today. A year or two ago I found these 12x 12 felt sheets from Creative Imaginations in my scrappy room. I pondered what to do with them. They were so pretty I didn't want to cut them up and hide them in a scrapbook on a page. So, I got to thinking... Why don't I make them into an album. I cut them in half and sewed two back to back until I had 3-6x12 panels. I folded them in half to make 6 pages including both covers. I added a couple grommets to fit two binder rings. And, voila. A super cute miniBook for my daughter.

And it sat and gathered dust. With the coming of a new year and a mission to get some stuff done. I pulled this miniBook back out and in a couple of afternoons got the pictures printed and completed the album.

Here's a few peeks...

How about a giveaway?!? I picked up two of these Mara Mi desk calendars at Target. They were on clearance and thought they would make a fun GIVEAWAY to celebrate me getting something done AND getting back to my dear old bog. Just leave a comment about something you've finished recently and I'll draw a name on Sunday.

Getting back in the swing of things means more scrapping. I've been printing some older photos in an ongoing effort to get my books caught up. I see my Bubba at the age of 7 just starting his second year of football. All gap toothed and round chubby cheeks. And then flash forward to the traumatic shopping experience (for Momma) last week of buying skinny jeans for the now 12 year old P.J. for the middle school dance, gasp. What the what?!? He's old enough for that?!?

But, he's still his Momma's boy. Thank goodness. A Valentine gift for his Momma...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The One Where They All Got Their Craft On

Can you guess what our afternoons have been filled with?!? I mean besides lots of homework and cheer practices and basketball practices, and scout meetings?!? Lots and lots of Valentines crafts! I so love working on things like this with brood. But, even more than that, I love that they enjoy crafting as much as I do. There's nothing like pre-gaming the day's craft and watching their excited faces bounding off the bus ready to discover what fun I have in store for them.

For Julia's class, I printed off this darling printable I found... Where else? On Pinterest. We added a cute pencil, eraser cap, and a strip of washi. Love.

The little boys both picked these Lego Star Wars printables from Pinterest, again. Add a glow bracelet I got from the dollar store, and the guys are wielding light sabers! So, so cool.

I finally got around to making another cork board project. I've made a couple in the past. One was for All About Scrapbooks (the fall one) and it and the other one (the Valentines themed one) I made are a couple of my more favorite projects. Not sure what it is about the cork, maybe the tactile nature of it or the endless possibilities... Who knows. I didn't get a kitchen calendar for 2013, so I printed up a cute one off of Pinterest and put together my own. Washi, a few embellies, and voila. Love, love that my scrappy "to do" is finally getting "done".

Here's a peek at the January calendar page...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The One With Who Rocks the House

Hello there Blog World.  As I sit here at my computer and I look over my photos as I edit and get them ready to post them here, I wonder.  I wonder how we got here?!?  I wonder when the pictures of the Bigs at their sports began to include them all, even the Babies.  I scroll back and forth peering at these sweet faces and who do I see?  I see P.J.'s aggressive nature and love for the game... on Reagan's face.  I see Julia's sheer talent on Sassy's little frame, so well learned from all those times she spent observing at Julia's cheer practices.  I keep double and triple checking that picture of Sullivan stealing the ball, yep, he's a baller at the ripe old age of 5.5.  And I SWEAR. it's a picture of Reagan.

How did we get here?  Everyone says it goes by fast, but good gravy. . .  This is truly fast.  It was just mere months ago that P.J. and I were giggling in the bathroom mirror as we realized he and I were the same height.  And now, he towers over me.  By a good 4-5 inches, gulp.  But, as he says he's still scared of me.  Well played, Momma.  Well played.

As I begin to feel more and more in control of my days, I realize they are becoming even more and more fleeting.  Yet another reason I'm so happy I found this little hobby of paper & glue.  I love how me and the brood can look back over my pages and books and remember.  Because, it all remains a blur.  A delightful blur, but a blur, nontheless. 

With football in the rearview mirror, for a little while anyways, we are now knee deep into basketball and cheer times two.  I can't tell you how odd it feels to see Bubba tag along to practices now.  Where has the time gone?!?



A few of the pages I've been working on... 

Talk to you soon...