Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to the Creative Soup Blog Hop, Crop, & Challenge!!

Welcome to the Creative Soup "Fun in the Sun" Crop and Blog Hop. We all decided to get together and have a blog hop with a fun twist! Each member will contribute a part of a recipe to make a layout. Go around to each of the blogs in the hop, and you'll have all the instructions for a great challenge! Put at least 6 of the recipe elements on a layout/project, and link it back to the challenge thread here.

My recipe element is lining things up on your layout. Take a look at Kim 's layout above, for a great example of this. This layout is from the 02.28 Mojo Monday.

Here is the list of participants in the hop and links to their blogs; up next is MARA.

And if you happen to get lost, remember you can always go back to the original challenge thread!

The challenge is due 8/27 at midnight. Don't forget to check out the forum for a complete set of challenges from all fo us for the Crop. These challenges are due at the same time as well. Hope YOU win the prize!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Home Stretch

Just a real quick post to make sure you don't miss out on the fun starting tomorrow at Creative Soup. We're putting on a week-long crop. The challenges go up tomorrow and you have an ENTIRE week to complete them. The challenges look like soo much fun!

Catching up with the brood & I. This one is soo in love, he'll wear a Hello Kitty hat without even batting an eye.

He does this 5 nights a week... Thank goodness the days are starting to cool off. Cool off means temps NOT in the 100's. Woohoo!!

This one roams the fields and grows up before. my. eyes. gulp.


Where's Daddy's gun?

Still in love with Studio Calico kits...

Be back tomorrow in between football scrimmages and party preparations to post my part of the Creative Soup Blog Hop!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Buzz Crush on the Way Off Base

Loaded up the brood for a doctor's appointment this morn. As we headed towards Gate 3 to make our way back to Suffolk, we came upon the sight you see above. The parking lots surrounding the base chapel were wall to wall with cars, trucks, and motorcycles. There were policemen directing traffic at every intersection. As I rounded the corner the entrance to our church was barely visible , due to the motorcycles, Vietnam Veterans, and police vehicles/personnel lining the sidewalks and driveways.

Then, it hit me. One of those BRAVE strapping young men lost in the tragic Chinook crash of August 6th was being memorialized. Kinda puts my/your day in perspective, huh?

A couple of scrappy memories to share. This one was done for Creative Soup's Mojo Monday 08.15. Get Inspired: Nature...

Love the Studio Calico mists. If you're scared of misting, you must try these...

Did this one for Scrap That Baby's newest prompt... Just Like Mom (or Dad).

The journaling is in the teeny tiny envelope :Not sure where she gets it from... I mean, I love pictures, but mostly taking them. And Daddy is not one to jump in front of a camera. But, this ONE sure loves the spotlight! Summer 2011.

******Enjoy the rest of your week. Check back soon for Creative Soup's Fun in the Sun Crop & Blog Hop & Challenge starting on Saturday and lasting ALL week. Jenny

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wondering Out Loud

Wow, what a week. If you are anything like me, when you heard about the horrific plane crash in Afganistan last weekend that took the lives of 30 US servicemembers and 8 forces from Afganistan, you probably took a moment to self reflect and say a quick prayer for the men & their families. I did this, but kept at it. The burning at the pit of my stomach just stayed there. Every time there was a reference on TV or a story in the local paper or I overheard a friend saying that "so and so" was preparing meals... I realized THIS one was really hitting me hard. But why? I always stop what I'm doing and tune in when I learn of another one of ours being lost overseas or in a training accident here in the states. Even more so when it involves a military airplane/helicopter.

But, I got to wondering why this incident was just hitting me so much harder. Was it because it's the single largest loss of life since the war started? Could be. Was it because it was so many of our very, very best? Was it because the men lost were mostly from the Navy family? Could be. Was it because they were all so young and handsome with beautiful families and wee ones? It may be hitting too close to home. Could it be because some of my neighbors are SEALS, or because many of those lost are from a base just down the road from my own home here on Little Creek? Definitely could be that. But, I think the reason this one is affecting me so deeply, is because it DOES hit too close to home.

I see the SEAL community a lot like our E-2 Hawkeye family. Close. Small. Everyone, I mean everyone knows each other. My hubby and his crewmates are the very first plane to launch from the carriers and also the very last to come back SOD. Safe on deck. Carrier aviation is exactly what you see on the Discovery Channel or in the movies. Absolutely terrifyingly difficult and nerve wracking. And often in the absolute darkest of dark. SEALS and carrier aviators both are a special breed. What they do brings them close, and we families in turn are close as well. Not many people get just what a challenge it is to do what we do and wait for the call or the text so we know they are safe for at least one. more. day. It's so nice to be in a community that gets it. I'm pretty sure this kinship is what those SEAL families are holding onto right now.

So, please tonight hold those you love just a little bit closer and please say a prayer for these fine men & their families. Prayers always welcome all around.

eta. this was written last week but have been having some major blogger issues. be back quick with lots of scrappy sunshine. hugs. jenny

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The One With the SDDSS Week 7 Update

OK, maybe "Super De Duper Summer Survival" MAY be a really big name for my brood's summertime fun, but this past week has really kicked my backside. We started football practice 5 x's a week on Monday. Gotta love the month of August in the Pop Warner world. We, read ME, with all the kids in tow will be dragging ourselves between P.J. and Reagan's fields every weekday night til the end of the month. Seriously?!? I'm exhausted just watching them in this heat. But, they continue to love it. Maybe not the conditoning so much.

Last week also gave me our library reading program, 2 sick kiddos, 2 doctor appointments for those 2, my final dentist appointment (yipppeeeee!!!!), reading tests for the Bigs for placement into their new school, an All Military Fun Fest (they gave away 7000 toys!), and a Lincoln Housing Out of this World event. Phew. Big, big fun was had. In between not sleeping much due to my poor little sickie, Sassy and her hacking cough and giving her breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock. Ugh. But this too shall pass, right?!?

It took 2 tries, but we did get Sullivan to try out the backseat of the police car at the Fun Fest. He loves this stuff!

The JEB housing event was so cool. Down to every last blacklight neon detail. Here some of us are as we headed into the fun...

Love watching the light go on in Reagan's eyes as he picks up new skills...

Two more years Buddy. Two more years...


Come play with us at Crop Suey for a little vintage inspiration...

I think I have a very serious Studio Calico obsession.

Lots more to share. Hope you stop back real soon.