Friday, November 27, 2009

No Faces Friday on Black Friday

These were my grandmother's. (And their faces don't count, wink).

a 2 year old boy and his things with wheels...

the bounty of goodies baked by an aunt with love...

a big sister leading the way...

discovering a much anticipated toy...

birthday cake #3 for a 5 year old...

a sweet message from a bowling alley... (look closely at this one)

a Cub Scout's bird feeder...

Lots more to share, but with little time. Enjoying my family in for the Thanksgiving holiday. Hope you are, too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

As much as I lurve the world of blogdom, nothing bugs me more than checking in on someone and finding they haven't updated in eons. With that said, I will stop here long enough to share that I am happily buried in birthdays, to do lists, Thanksgiving preparations and visits from my Family <3, and countless scrappy deadlines. In fact, I have some BIG news that I can finally share with you on the 1st of December. Here are some recent scrappy pages. I'll be back soon to catch up. Happy Turkey Day Sweet Friends.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I. Make. Stuff. {Another Mosh Posh Blog Hop}

I make stuff. I always have. When I was small I was constantly crafting. I mean it, constantly. My mom still has all of the little pictures/things I made her. She saved them just like I save all of these treasures from Julia and Reagan. I used to make my own stickers with a bottle of Elmer's and some markers. One Saturday morning while feverishly crafting in front of the cartoons, I even stapled my own foot. Don't ask. Can you imagine my poor parents waking up to that?!?
I have so many paper and glue ideas spinning in my head that my Crafty To do List is almost longer than my Household one. I thought I would take you all on a trip down Memory Lane. These are some of the non-traditional scrapbooking projects I've created here at Mosh Posh during my tenure. If you have any questions please post them here in the comments section. I'd be happy to share my ideas with you. Happy Scrappin. I mean Happy Craftin...

I think this one may be my favorite...

Or maybe this one... That is, until the Twinnies tried to eat it.

Be sure to visit the other girl's blogs...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grande Pumpkin Spice Frappucino Light with Whip and an Extra Shot, please

Sooo, just a quicky because I simply can not forget what these days are like. And because I must share this layout of Julia and her friend. Sooo, when I go anywhere, I go with the twinnies strapped into a stroller and never, EVER let them free. Can you even imagine running around with 2 lively toddlers who have the gall to have minds of their own?!?

Sooo, I started my Monday with a quick trip to FiveBucks for a coffee so I could breeze through the playroom, the twins room, the kitchen, and putting ALL of the laundry away back at the house. Since the Bigs are in school, I've been letting the twins run quick errands sans stroller. A coffee qualifies as an easy learning experience, right? We unloaded and headed in. Sassy on my right, and well, I thought why not let Sassy and Sullivan hold hands? So, off we went. I let go once we were inside and there they stood hand-in-hand, chatting away. All of the patrons and baristas cooed over their sweetness. I was the first to tell them "They're not that cute, you should see their room" (remind me to tell you what they did to their dresser). They never let go of each other and we headed back to the car. All the while I'm praising them for doing such an amazing job. Walking like big kids, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yep, you guessed it. They bolted. He to the left and she to the right. The girls at Starbucks on Main are getting a Shout Out from me for replacing my caffeine free of charge. Soo, if you saw some hopped up seagulls in Suffolk today, you know why...

Please Vote For Me Today through Friday

a shameless plug from me: it's for a Guest Design Team gig at Simply Obsessed. They've got a great team and a great bunch of kits over there. Please check them out and vote for me while you're at it... You can only vote once.

Be back later with some new stuff to share...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't Count Your Chickens {Giveaway Winner Inside}

See that lovely mound of scrapbook bags above? That's the stuff I packed this morn in anticipation of scrapping the day away at my LSS. Wanted to spend one last day hanging out and chatting with one of my best friends before she leaves for Alabama in a couple weeks. Guess I should have called the store before I packed. The Nor'easter was still impacting their employees (and customers, too). S0... I unpacked. GRRR!

Just a quick post. Working on a design team call, some store displays for my lss, and some stuff just for fun (my 8 yo asked if I even did that!?!?, but of course!). Next week, I've got to buckle down on that miniBook.

Wanted to tell Pam S she's the winner of my rak from the Mosh Posh Blog Hop. Please email me your addy at scrappinjen(dot)partyoffive(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll get your goodies in the mail just as soon as life (and the weather cooperate).

Because I hate to post without some eyecandy and because my poor old VA town hasn't seen the sun in days, here's a cruddy picture of a recent layout featuring Nook and Pantry by Basic Grey. Loved this line even more in person.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cut it Up

Welcome to Mosh Posh's Design Team Blog Hop. I'm stuck indoors due to the terrible Nor'easter that's parked off of Virginia's coast. Now, being stuck indoors would NORMALLY be a good thing, EXCEPT school's cancelled. So, I'm seeking shelter inside with five kids who have some serious cabin fever!

Today's a perfect day to take advantage and do some crafting. When I received Mosh Posh's November kit, the first thing I did was shuffle throught the kit's patterned papers. The Nutmeg from Cosmo Cricket is double-sided and just beautiful. I love how all of the B sides are that fabulous Cosmo Cricket woodgrain in assorted colors. In addition to November's Main Kit Carmel Apple, I also received the Spiced cider add-on. Within this add-on was the Cosmo Cricket Borders sheet. The possibilities are endless.

After perusing the papers, I looked for something I could cut up. I'm all about using my pink Cutterbees and fussy cutting. See that ca-yute pink border with the birdies? I started cutting up that bad boy to begin my Tractor page.

I used the border minus the lighter pink. I kept the clouds that were floating freely, too. I adhered the border to the top of page 2. I added the clouds with popdots. To add to the feel of the sky I hand cut clouds from the pink cardstock in the add-on. I made some bigger clouds to balance the 2-pager for page 1. I also did some hand stitching to amp up the hand spun feel...

So, I've got the border, the clouds and I knew I had to use a 4 by 6 photo of my youngest, one happy, one mad/sad. And, I also wanted to use pix of my other 4 (just smaller) on the same tractor. Sullivan just couldn't understand what the others were doing on HIS "wuck" (tractor) at the pumpkin patch.

Had to do some of my pleating. I pleated another couple of the Cosmo Cricket borders. The striped one with the alpha. To make it appear longer, I just hacked it in half and tucked one end under the top of my main photo and the other under the bottom. Next up I handcut the quote shape from a border, added a title and a few other little decorative touches. Including that hand sewn "mine" in the lower right corner. I used a bling template from Bazzill. It's supposed to be used for placing bling on alphas. I just used it as a template for stitching the letters.

Well, there you go, a little look at my process today. Be sure to visit the other girls' blogs to up your chances for the giveaway...

Estee Stone
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Frances Sylvia

I may even put together a little something something giveaway if you leave me a comment. I'll draw a name at midnight.

Be back later today with some other new stuff, if Ida can give me even a little bit of sun...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let the Grappeling Commence

Sitting here at my keyboard watching the remnants of Ida out my windows. She's expected to sit off of our coast for three days. Should make for an interesting Veteran's Day/Birthday Weekend. Still scrappin and loving it more than I should. I am so thankful to have this little hobby that brings me so much joy. It's really hard to wrap my head around just how much of a benefit I get out of cutting up some paper, lots of adhesive, and a few pictures.

Made up some page samples for my LSS. Used some of the American Crafts Craft Fair and did a 2pager (wish you could see it in it's entirety) with the Pink Paislee Enchanted. I think they all turned out pretty well.

Reagan had his first birthday celebration over the weekend. Sam's Club really makes some fun cakes. Gotta love cake AND cupcakes. Meet the Spiderman/Pirate cake...

So, we've been a family of seven again for just over a month now. And, ya know what? I like it. For whatever reason, we've gotten back into our groove rather seamlessly this time around. The fact that Donk hasn't had to get right back to work may have something to do with it. The kids have enjoyed Daddy running them to and from school and activities. And Momma has enjoyed the passing of the grocery shopping and preparing dinner torch. I sound like a real Lady of Leisure, now don't I?!? Patrick did something one day and I remarked to him that I could get used to this, and he just smiled at me. We both knew that wouldn't happen. As I look ahead to the next 2 and a half years, I see a whole lotta me and the cherubs waiting. Waiting for him to come home. Such a glamorous life.

I've got some other scrapping in the works, too. Need Ida to take a break, so I can get some decent shots. Loving the new Sass: Amplify and Monstrosity. Had fun just cuttin that stuff up. Also, just got the Nook and Pantry (from Basic Grey) in too. Such amazing art on these papers. Headed to the scrap store on Friday. I'll be working on my Christmas mini for AAS. I'm using Making Memories newest Mistletoe line and their Vintage Findings. The mini I'm using is Melissa Frances' bingo card one. Too too cute. One of my best friends is leaving me. She's moving to Alabama. We've been friends since we lived here last. I had just one kid then, a baby at that. We'll be scrappin on Friday one last time. grr.
More soon. What are you working on? What product are you just chomping at the bit to get your hands on?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Get it While You Can

Wanted to share my November projects for Mosh Posh before the kit sells out. Last month, the kit sold out almost before it even revealed. Kristen put together this fun little package filled with Cosmo Cricket's newest Nutmeg line. She paired it with the Woolies from Basic Grey and loads of Making Memories' Vintage Findings goodies.

First up is this little miniBook/journal I made up to store my kiddos memories from our pumpkin trip. I altered a cute little mailer from Gymboree. I love how simple this one was.

Kristen also included a tiny coaster pumpkin book by Maya Road. I turned mine into a banner to hang in the entryway of our home to enjoy during the fall season...

The rest of these pretty much scrapped themselves. I did them when I was at AAS during my big Momma's Day Out. Tell me this isn't a great kit?!? I did two 2-pagers with zero effort.

If you like what you see, just click on the Mosh Posh link in my sidebar and order yourself one. Tell em Jenny sent you. See you soon!!