Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BOAF April Reveals

So much to share these days, but just don't have the heart to do it properly. So much good stuff happening in our world. So much to be thankful for. So many blessings in my life. But, so much to worry about, too. For everything there is a season...

On the bright side, April's Birds of a Feather kit was so much fun...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The One With a Little Neverland Love


I kinda like Studio Calico's kits.  Just kinda.  I have for ages.  I've been subbing since Whodunit (January 2010).  But, I was stalking them for about a year before I made the leap.  This past March's kits were my favorite ever.  And that's saying a lot because Bakers Dozen and Lawn Party held that title for quite awhile.  So, hope you like these kits, too.  There MAY be a dozen or more layouts headed this way...

Friday, April 5, 2013

The One With a Bit More Neverland



Daddy came home for a visit last month. One cool thing about him being in school is that he is on a school schedule. So, he spent his Spring Break at home with us. I told him, if I was him, I would have gotten away somewhere warm and much quieter, lol. We were able to get away, for the evening, at least. We took the brood to the circus. The babies had never been and it turned out to be just as magical as it was when we went when the Bigs were younger. Gotta love a place that ALL 7 of us could enjoy. That's getting harder and harder as the kids get older. So glad we took the time...

The One With the Braids & Geralyn's Cut File

I may be obsessed with Studio Calico's kits.  Just sayin.



Hello oh faithful blog readers.  Sorry I have been scarce.  We are wrapping up a super duper busy, jam-packed Spring Break week around here.  We have done. absolutely. NOTHING!!  It has been wonderful.  We stayed up late.  We got dressed around dinner time, if we got dressed at all.  We played board games and put together puzzles.  Basically, nada. I will admit I feel just a tiny bit bad that the kids don't have any big stories to tell when they return to school on Monday.  I REALLY hope there are no "What I Did Over Spring Break" writing assignments., lol.  But, all kidding aside.  I needed this.  We all did, really.  It was so refreshing to have nothing on the calendar.  We live so much of our life on the proverbial hamster wheel, sometimes it's nice to just get off.  If only for a week.  Because Lord knows it's right back on it we go first thing Monday morning, 0620.
Who are we kidding?!?  I gotta hit snooze, just once.  See you at 0629...  And not a minute earlier.

p.s.  That's my pretty girl on the right.  Performing in a little funny skit the girls prepared for Girl Scouts last week.  Wish I could always get her in a dress & braids.  Sigh.