Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Middle's Not So Little

sigh. deep breath. here goes nothing. 2010 is behind me. 2011 is ahead. i can see clearly now, and it's going to be a great year. it has to be. there are NO other options. I hope you enjoyed your family this holiday season. The older I get, the more time that passes, the more cemented it becomes to me, just how terribly important family is. I have been blessed with 2 of the most amazingly perfect parents ever. And now Patrick & I have been blessed with 5 of the most amazing, smart, and special children of our own. Only good things are coming, only good things.

So... enough of this horrible drivel. Lots to catch up on here. First up is my middle's 6th birthday. Big fun when you're 6 often involves strangely cute bowling shoes and Mighty Beanz...

Bubba assisting Miss Sassy on the lanes...

I told you, it doesn't get any better than this...

Seriously?!? LOOK at that smile!

ok, ok, I've got TONS of scrappiness to share. Did these for Croppin Paradise. I think I may love this Dear Lizzy line even more than her debut Spring line. It is THAT yummy...

Made this one for CP, too. It was my part of the 12 Days of Christmas we featured. (I told you I was behind)! I never give away stuff I make. I'm very selfish that way. But, this one I made just for Mom. It was worth it, oh so worth it.

This one uses some fun stash and a Studio Calico exclusive pp, too. This one was for Scrapbook Express's December Progressive Layout Challenge. Never done one of those before, let alone help organize one, but it was SO much fun!

October Afternoon hit another homerun with this Seaside line. You can find it in the Scrapbook Express Store HERE.

Hope you're not sick of banners yet...

A little Alphabet Soup love for Scrapbook Express...

And, I can't leave out Scrap That Baby's last prompt for 2010...

Lots more to catch up on. Thanks for listening. I treasure each and every visit you make here and each and every comment you leave. Happy 2011! Jenny


  1. Jenny, I too, hope you had a wonderful holiday!!! I can't say that I was blessed with two great parents, but I can say I was blessed with a wonderful husband and three great kids. And I am so glad I found this hobby of ours. I have "met" so many wonderful, positive people that they have made such a huge impact on my life!

    That's it!! I HAVE to have one of those trays to alter!!! I have been seeing them all over, but you just did it in for me!! Next Archiver's coupon!!! I too love the Seaside line. I just picked up a couple of pieces of their Campfire!

    Oh and I just have to share that this year is going to be great.. I made the Imaginisce DT for 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So much eye candy here!!! Thanks for sharing :-) gorgeous creations and I have enjoyed looking through them all :-)

  3. great projects!!!! love seeing all your work together.. and that photo of the kids form the back view at bowling is GREAT!!!!