Tuesday, March 15, 2011

That First Step is a Doozy

I know, I know, I keep saying, "I'll be right back", and I end up being a no-show to my own party. Not even sure what's eating up my blogging time. Well, anyways I'm here. I'm enjoying the off season around here. This is the only time of year where we have zero kids in team sports. We're "off" until Spring soccer fires back up. Now, that should be fun. All FIVE will be playing for the first time. Excuse me while I go take a nice, long nap just at the very thought. In the meantime we're keeping busy with Scouts times 2 and just the day to day life with the Fab Five.

Gotta give props to my last baby getting potty trained. Yep, after 10 years, 3 months, and 3 days STRAIGHT of having a kid or kiddos in diapers... wait for it... Sullivan is potty trained. Whatever to do with all that free time?!? Here he is enjoying his reward. Heck, I would have bought him a full-size dump truck had he done it at 2!!

Tons of scrappiness to share. Have I told you lately that I love banners?

Did this for a DT call. Hmm, I may just have something to share. Wink.

Can you say stash? Yep, used up some super old, I mean yummy Fancy Pants acrylic shapes and Amy Butler butterflies.

More Studio calico Back 40 love...

Thanks for checking in on me. Love reading your comments. Appreciate that you take the time to do it. I've got STB and Scrapbook Express stuff to share. Later.


  1. Awesome layouts Jenn...Love the pics of the kids..they are adorable..I have a blog too...I love blogging..=)

  2. So gorgeous! I love the Fab 5 layout and the banner of course! Can't wait to hear your news!

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to add - congrats on your diaper free life! I bet you also deserve a reward LOL Eli is 2.5 and not even close. My DD was potty trained at age 2...

  4. It is so exciting to not have to deal with diapers anymore!!! Way to go, Sullivan!! LOVE all the scrappy projects!! That banner is awesome!!!