Sunday, February 19, 2012

Biting the Bullet

Oh the silly things I do to get a little time off from my day job. Started feeling a little crummy on Thursday. Fast forward to Saturday and I find myself in my local er. Nothing like a little bladder and kidney infection to land a girl on the couch. OUCH. Hubby took the brood to Awana/church this morn, Steph took my own Awanas class, and I'm at home resting & drinking mass quantities of cranberry juice patiently waiting for all of my rx to kick in.

With that said, it's been a busy time in the Dziekan household these last couple of weeks. Hubby is home for a few and what does that mean?!? Major Honey Do lists. Living a military family life means we do things a bit differently than most families around here. I spend the majority of my days as a "single momma" raising the brood on my own counting down the days until Daddy returns. When he does, we do glamorous things like get work done on Momma's car (can't have something happen when he is away), work on other Daddy only jobs, like feverishly building Pinewood Derby cars, and plan and execute much postponed birthday parties. Once all of that is done, we say our goodbyes, and then then hold on with both hands until he makes it back one more time. Only to do it all over again in another few weeks. Oh yea, this wife of a Naval Aviator stuff is oh. so. glamorous. not.

Just because my days aren't already filled to the brim, I thought this would be a great time to jump back into teaching with both feet. Or, at least start that proverbial ball rolling. I don't know where or when this trip will take me, but, I have started the process of becoming licensed in Virginia. I have renewed my Illinois licenses and requested my college transcripts. Two important to dos in order to complete my VA application. We shall see.

To keep my sanity, I do this...One of the many reasons I really love CHA time and spending countless hours at my computer screen perusing all of the new crafty wares is rediscovering my love for some of my older, read "hoarded" products. Note the yummy vintage Sass frames...

love the old Sass Felties, CI felt words, and Sass edges... Oh how I miss my Sassafras.

a new SC kit and some fun oldies...

A little instagram Heart Day love...

The Twins' Tea...


  1. Oh, hope you will feel better really soon!
    Beautiful layouts, as always!

  2. Oh I feel for you!!! I have had a few massive kidney infections and they are NO FUN!! I hope you are starting to feel better! I love the photos of your kids and scrappy pages!! I found some old Sass that I never used from Kristen's Mosh Posh kits. Do you want it?? PM me your addy on FB and I will mail it to you. Take care of yourself and get well! <3