Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The One Where She Thinks She Has it all Under The Troll

Five more hours of racing five ounce blocks of wood and we are still not finished. A couple of weeks ago Reagan's Cub Scout pack had its Pinewood Derby. He did well. He finished first for the wolves and the entire pack. Fast forward to today's district event. Let me back up a minute. today was a bit over scheduled. A, I has to get help getting Julia to her game since Pinewood was at the same time. The plan was for the rest of us go to derby and then head over for Reagan's game/and pick up Julia from her game at the same time. No problem, right? Reagan's race was at 9:15 and basketball wasn't until 11. Ha, right.

Long story short, Julia had to be rescued from her game because we never made it. BUT, Reagan finished third for the Wolves and even advanced to the finals for the district AND will compete in the Council derby. Ugh. Insert eye roll here. I mean I'm thrilled. No, really I am. Just next time I'll clear the rest of our schedule. And pack snacks.

A little paper and glue. The Studio Calico kits always put a smile on my face...

Our days these days... Cheer, new Legos, sickies, and spending Geega and Dumpa's money.

And, of course, this happens mid-derby madness...

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