Monday, February 15, 2010

A New Year, New Notebooks

Being a busy girlie, I make lots of lists & write EVERYTHING down. So, I like pretty notebooks as some of you readers already know. Well, a new year has sprung, and that means new teams and new notebooks. These are my latest creations...

The Croppin Paradise has made it's mid February reveals. Here are my contributions...

I'm starting a new feature here. I think it's pretty self explanatory. Tell me what you think...

Today I Am:

I am thankful for Dum Dum "pops". They get me through my days with the Twinnies. I actually went into a store (non-grocery) with them in tow. They love their pops.

I am exhausted from our Clean Sweep in preparation for the cleaning lady starting today.

I am excited for the cleaning service that starts today. If you think I EVER have any time to deep clean our home, you are off your rocker. I keep up, that's it.
I am so grateful for little holidays to celebrate with the brood. The happiness a few new ZhuZhu pets and a garage/car and big boxes of Nerds for the Bigs can bring. Or an Elmo phono and a My Little Pony and introducing Pez to the twins is too much fun. Wowzers.

I am enjoying THREE bouquets of flowers in our home.

I am changing my jewelry over to my "deployment jewelry". My wings of gold, my E-2, and my peridot horseshoe necklaces. These go beautifully with my new diamond stud earrings from my sweetheart. See, he really DOES listen.

I am thankful for paper & glue.

I am happy I took the time to lay on my belly with my 5 year old and watch Disney Channel's Kick Buttowski.

I am beside myself that Patrick finished all of the laundry AND we got it all put away.

I am tickled pink that I am blessed to have girls that I can dress up to my heart's content.

I am thankful for the internet guy who got me back up & running. That was rough.

I am hopeful that the Twinnies case of the "MINE!!!!!!'s" will pass soon.

I am thankful for my down time at the end of the day spent with my P.J.
that's all for tonight. Good night.


  1. Hey Jenny!! :) Love the new notebooks!! I need to make a couple of DD LOVES notebooks to doodle in. Your pages are precious! I hope Patrick won't be gone too long!!! Yay to having help cleaning your home!! Have a great week!!

  2. Beautiful notebooks Jenny!! And I love what you did with the BoBunny papers. Hope you have a great week!