Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

A little scrappy goodness before we get to the dirty details. This first one I did for the Gallery at Croppin Paradise. I totally made these soft colors on the Abbey Road by My Mind's Eye papers work for me. I really like how this turned out. Lots of fussy cutting and pop dots here...

These last ones I made for All about Scrapbooks. I used lots of American Crafts Letterbox and 1 sheet of AC's new Heatwave (the clouds) on these... another 2-pager and I remain too lazy to take a full picture...(blush)

It never fails. I mean NEVER. Donk leaves for an extended period of time and all he** breaks loose. I hate to jinx myself, but it never fails. Patrick left for this deployment on Monday. On said Monday, within hours I received word that we (read I) would need to find a new house and move two months before Patrick is due to return home from parts unknown. A short while later, the youngest one, we have deemed "Puppy" got his hand closed in a locked door. He screamed in unbearable agony as we scurried for that silly little "key" one uses to jimmy open locked bedroom doors.
That was day numero uno. It's a great start, no?!?? Someone, who shall remain nameless (but her 7th birthday is today) was crafting in the kids bathroom (don't ask) and left roughly 6,493 raspberry pink sequins on said bathroom floor. A certain momma was a tad ticked and left the silly little "key" on the counter after starting the bath water and picking up said sequins. Said mother (yep, I'm a bit overdoing the said, huh) shut the locked door (to keep curious toddlers from taking a little unsupervised swim) behind her. Yep, locked bathroom with tub filling. On the plus side, had I NOT done this, I would never have known I could take off a door knob before the bath water begins flooding our house.

Ok, the week is starting to look up now. Despite two sick kids, I find out I've gotten a reprieve on the solo move. Phew... On Thursday I had a run-in with the middle schooler who was a tenant in our rental home until all he** broke loose there. Unfortunately, he must have gotten the wrong side of the story. We'll just say THAT wasn't pretty.

Yesterday was Friday & things are looking up again. My folks, the Snowbirds are stopping by on their way back to sunny, warm NW Indiana. Always nice to share my brood with people who love them as much as Patrick & I do, so it HAS to be a good day!
I'll leave you with a few pictures from the most amazing birthday party I've ever seen...


  1. Beautiful layouts, Jenny. I just love all your cutwork on that first layout. And great photos from the birthday party, those horses look sooo friendly. She looks like she was having a ball!!

    I hope next week is a better week for you all!

  2. Oh Honey I am so sorry that this is going on for you while Donk is gone and i am not there. If you need help with moving I will fly in and help you, just let me know when you need me. I have moved you three times before what is another. I would say call me but my phone isn't working at this place. i will call you tomorrow when I get home. I love and miss you. SO glad that Julia had such an awesome party. Love the photos.

  3. Oh Jenny, so sorry to hear about all that is going on. I hope things will start to get better. :) Thinking of you!! Have a great time with your parents while they are there... hope little one's hand is ok. A big Happy Birthday wish for Julia.. looks like she had a fun birthday. I love the new pages!! Love all the details and the cutwork you did. Hang in there...