Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is What I Get for Purging, My Scraproom, That Is

Found the twins in the kitchen like so. Yes, the rest of their bodies are as bare as the top half. Eeeks! I guess I'll stop Spring Cleaning lest I find them in this state of undress again.

Tuesday's Version of Today I Am:

I am grateful for friends who help out when all he** breaks loose. My sweet friends know that if I am asking for help, I really need it. 13 days after DH left (this past Sunday) I had to take P.J. to the er. He had to have his finger drained of all this foul, nasty, painful green goo before they removed his nail. Double ugh.

I am thankful for prayers answered. He is healing way faster than even I had imagined. The pain is already improving.

I am thankful for small ride-ons that entertain my wee-est ones as they run them in circles around our living areas.

I am happy for infectious giggles from those same wee-est ones.

I am happy for new scrappy goodies. I always have boxes to wait for. Thank you to CP and Heather at SO for this.

I am grateful for our YMCA. The people they hire are truly amazing. Amazing enough to coax my middle one into the pool. Thank you for getting them.

I am thrilled beyond measure to tell my Bigs that they do not have to wear their "big coats" ALL week. Is that Spring I see knocking at my door?!?

I am shocked to see how the Twinnies have grown. They were running and climbing and sliding at the park yesterday. Here, all these things are allowed. Not so much at our home where they learned those skills.

Now, on to scrappy goodness. These first ones are mostly all Studio Calico. Man, I love their stuff!!

These next ones I did for Croppin Paradise. They feature Basic Grey's Nook and Pantry line. You can find these supplies in the store. Go get some...

I've got more to share. But, I hear quiet intermixed with "NO!!!!!!". Gotta run...


  1. Your posts always give me a chuckle!! Love the pic of the twinnies!! LOL Found my little one just in his diaper the other morning..sleeping in his closet!! LOL He must have decided it was play time in the middle of the night and took off his jammies and sat in his closet... falling asleep in there!

    Love your pages.. as always.. they are always such a fun combination of goodies!

    I am glad spring found you.. now could you send us some of that warmer weather? I would love a 60 degree, sunny day!!! 30's and drizzly here right now.

  2. These layouts RCOK, Jenny!! I can't wait to see them in the CP gallery!!