Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twinnies on Thursday

These are a few of their favorite things (to get into and/or dump out) over the last week or so....

applesauce cups, yogurt cups, 2 bottles of kids conditioner, Fun dip (the green one, that stuff does NOT come out of carpeting), 1 bottle of kids shampoo, baby wash, diet coke (lots of that) BK icing (that was eaten with a corn on the cob thingie), poop, Clorox Disenfecting Wipes (they actually got some stuff cleaned with those, before they put them back in the container), clean folded laundry baskets, sorted socks... you get the picture.

Another current favorite of mine is how when they're running from me with their purloined goods they shout "Hurry!", only when they say it, it sounds like Hooie! Which is what they are full of these days.

Miss Sassy got into some discarded mascara. What follows are the fruits of her labor...

We're off to pick up the kiddos from school a bit early today. Patrick FINALLY has a flight out of here. He'll be traveling to Bahrain to meet up with his squadron aboard the Ike. We look forward to his return home, hopefully in August. Prayers are always welcome. For ALL of us.
Come back real soon for my giveaway in celebration of Party of 5's 100th post.


  1. OH MY!!! I didn't think it was all I saw it on her mouth but man... she was busy... Love that Sassy!

  2. Oh boy what Hooie those to are. Too funny that they are so full of themselves. Terrible twos got nothing on them. They are such mini versions of the bigs. I pray for all of you during this deployment and send you my love.

  3. OMG!!! Jenny!! I know it isn't funny, but I was chuckling.. especially at the part where they are running away.. Hooie!! Wishing Pat a safe flight and hope for your case, August comes quick.