Thursday, July 22, 2010


My three regular readers know that very rarely do my blog titles have anything remotely to do with my ramblings. The titles usually have something do with what's going on around the zoo, I mean house and it's my way of reminding myself AND it's a cop out on my part, so I don't have to come up with some clever little title for my antics. With that said, I actually wanted to chat about a couple of these said titles before I forget. Take Wednesday's, for instance. "I Kill Em With Kindness". What the hell is that all about?!? Well, I got to thinking on one of my trips to WalMart the other day. Most of the people I/we encounter daily are pretty cool about the size of our family. That is, I usually get some fairly benign comments like "You've got your hands full" or something along those lines. It's typically said with a knowing smile on their face, I agree and head down yet another grocery aisle with the twins on their puppy dog backpack/tethers, a shopping cart, and 3 more kids in tow. But this time I look up at the couple checking out ahead of us in aisle 7 (yes, I shop there so frequently I have the aisle #'s memorized), and the woman locks eyes with me as she has just finished panning over each face of my brood. SHE WAS TERRIFIED. Before she could even compose herself she mutters, "Are they ALL yours?" Without skipping a beat I put on my fakest smile and retort "Yes, and aren't I the luckiest Momma ever?" She about fell down. The nice lady couldn't get out of there faster. Didn't anyone ever tell her if you can't say anything nice...
Switching gears, I really must learn to say no. Our days are just so jam packed with activities only a crazy person would think they could juggle it all, solo. But, I do. I really would like to say no, if only occassionally. Last weekend was filled with a doctor appointment, a trip to the er at midnight, a birthday party, and a Scouts get together at the skating rink. I should have just walked out when I ordered 5 small sodas for the kiddos at the snack bar at the rink when she tells me there are NO LIDS! After the wee-est ones spilled 2 sodas and after Julia ended up on the floor (in the gameroom, NOT skating) screaming bloody murder in pain, I decided to call it a day. And head home. Sigh. We really don't have to participate in every single activity. It's not like he'll lose a Scout badge or something. Plus, I don't ever get a badge for showing up. Rant over.
Donk is home on Tuesday. Stay close. Camp Paradise continues at Croppin Paradise. Here's Week #2's Arts & Crafts challenge. Come play with us...
p.s. peanut butter gets gum out of a hysterical 5 year old's hair. Good thing, wouldn't that look pretty in the photos from Daddy's homecoming?!?
p.p.s. last Brinner before Hubby's return tonight!!


  1. Enjoy the homecoming!! I am so happy for you that your hubby is home safely...

  2. Ok I know that I should know this but what is a Brinner? I have always bowed to you the amazingly amazing mom of 5 and can't believe that lady in wal-mart, I would have ran her over with the cart...Love you all and so glad that Donk will be home Tuesday!

  3. Wow! Another crazy weekend for you!! Can we trade?? I would love to ship off my oldest to someone... anyone!! I will gladly take a few of yours in exchange for mine!! I hope you enjoyed your last Brinner!! Lucky for me, my hubby loves breakfast for dinner!!! :) I am so so glad that Patrick will be home on Tuesday!!! So glad he made it thru this deployment safe and sound!!! Enjoy your time with him! :)

  4. So glad for you! Hold on there, it should be easier next week. Should it? I can just say - I ADMIRE you. You and all other moms that have more than 3 kids. BTW, the picture with the gym is hysterical :)

  5. So glad that he is coming home SOON!! You must be dying of anticipation. And I love the layout, so so sweet!