Monday, August 9, 2010

Still Here... I Swear

These last 2 weeks seem like a whirlwind to me. I still want to re-cap the Big Day (Donk's homecoming), just not yet. We're back in our rhythm, a new one at that. As much as I look forward to hubby's return, it always takes some getting used to. We have OUR way of doing things, and he certainly has HIS. It like a weird kind of tango as we put it all together. Tonight will surely test the balance as we have 3 events on the schedule... football, cheerleading, and soccer. We shall see.

Switching gears, Croppin Paradise continues it's month-long Camp Paradise. I love this layout I did as a sample for my Camp Spirit challenge during Week 3.

Scrap That Baby's newest prompts are up. The linkie is on my sidebar, as is Croppin Paradise's. STB's was to scrap something nursery-themed. The current prompt is "How I Met Your Father". Such great stuff has been added already and you still have until the 15th to add yours!

Yep, another banner. I need a 12 step banner program. Can you hook a girl up?!?

And one last kit for Simply Obsessed. I've enjoyed my run there and look forward to my next scrappy adventure. Simply Obsessed is lots of fun due to Heather's great kits and all the fun girls on the boards. So, here ya go. Pink Paislee's lovely Queen Bee...

Wonder who this is for...

Check back here Thursday as we kick off Simply Obsessed's Birthday celebration with a Blog Hop. That is if you'd like a peek at my latest shadowbox creation. Teehee, such a tease.


  1. all great pages - esp the first one, love the heart banner :D

  2. Great work as always, Jenny!!! Good luck with all the activities tonight!! I am sure you will get back into the groove of things. Just takes some adjusting. I very minorly know what you mean. Greg used to be gone every other weekend, doing a drop and hook for NorthAmerican.. He would run a semi trailer full from Mpls. to Bensonville, IL. Then when that ended.. we had to get used him being home again. I jokingly told him one day he needed to go somewhere and do something, he was messing up my routine!! LOL It isn't anything near what you go thru, but it is minutely similar. Have a great week!!! :)

  3. Beautiful layouts, Jenny!! I just love all your banners, don't get into a 12 step program yet. I need to keep seeing your beautiful banners. Good luck with all the sports tonight!

  4. I am in love with your banners (and pretty much everything else you do LOL) Just beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous layouts Jenny!! But please, whatever you do, hold off on the 12 step are the banner Queen!!