Thursday, August 26, 2010

Right Here, Ohh, Right Now

One month ago today. He came home. Alive. And we quickly slipped into a new routine. I often get asked, "How do you do it?". My usual retort is I'm not quite sure, but we do what we need to do. Some days I do it MUCH worse than others. There are many, many days where I swear that I can't do it for even 5 more minutes, let alone X # of months. But, each new day I put my big girl panties on and carry on. Why? Because Patrick would be a bear to live with if he was flying a desk somewhere. Because, he has a job and so do we. AND, because we have days like this...
Woke up at zero dark thirty and got showered. Woke up the brood and got them going. As we were headed to the already packed car, I checked facebook one last time. I notice a status update from a friend that the highway, my route to hubby's homecoming is CLOSED. Thank goodness my stand-in hubby Chris hadn't left for work yet. I battled my GPS and my nerves and we safely arrived on base. I squirmed around the long line of cars and pulled into a spot on the flight line. We went inside and waited. And waited. I nervously met some of the other wives I had chatted online with , yet never met face to face. The media was there and I was interviewed several times. And we waited. Sometimes we were good...

Sometimes we were just plain silly...

Oh my did we wait. Then we heard over the radio they were nearby. We lined up at the hangar doors. And we waited. and then one of the kids, I think it was P.J. thought he saw the E-2's over the horizon.

He was right. They were almost home. We still had to wait through the pretty formations and breaks. And then one by one. Each E-2 landed, taxied, folded it's wings, and taxied to us led by Daddy in 600.

Hugs, tears, kisses, and more interviews.

She would not leave his side. The twins had grown up so much while he was away. But, they didn't hesitate this time. They ran straight for him. And never left him.

All of them actually...

He was home. They were playing and he was grilling.

Until next time.


  1. Awww, the photos are so sweet! And I really take my hat off to you for how you manage, you're really a supermum!

  2. Ok, not sure why but I'm crying reading this. I think it has something to do with seeing the pics, kind of through the kids eyes. I definately remember that morning just hoping you'd be able to get there on time. I know how devistating that would have been if you didn't make it. On a side note, you really have a way with words, are you sure you shouldn't be a writer?

  3. So glad he made it home, safe and sound! That is a really cool plane that he flies, with the radar dome on it!!! I really commend all of the military families, as it is not easy to have a spouse away like that. Brit's principal(a man) does what you do. He has three boys, and his wife is the one who is always being deployed.

  4. Oh Jenny, what wonderful photos! I'm glad he's home safe & sound! I "think" I won your RAK for the blog hop, how can I contact you to be sure? Thanks!

  5. hey Robin. congrats. email me your snail mail addy to scrappinjen(dot)partyoffive(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Yea! Tear jerker. Sweet- sweet pictures.
    I see these and I am transported back in time to the early 70's watching men come home to their families from Vietnam. Thank God he is home safe and sound.
    Thank you all for your service.

  7. That photo of the twins made me just about cry . . . so sweet. As a military parent I understand that when a soldier is deployed the whole family is deployed and we appreciate you!