Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9 Hours... It Aint ALL That

OK, before I even start. Let me just say this. I am NOT complaining. I really do enjoy my 3 hours thrice a week when I am seriously all alone in this house. {Although it is unbelievably bittersweet, but I'll save that for another day.} It's just, well, it's THREE hours. I find myself second guessing every activity/chore/whatever I begin. I end up flitting around from one activity to the next always wondering if this is indeed worth my valuable freetime. And this really is all she wrote. Frick & Frack while thriving at school, will no longer nap for Momma. If Daddy puts them down they're typically asleep in about 5 minutes. Momma? Not so much. So school time really is the only time to undo the damage that this Party of Five creates. I know as the weeks go by I'll get into my groove and the To Do lists will start getting shorter and shorter. But, until then, should I really have picked up the Twins' room only to have them go on a dumping bender upon coming home from K3?!?

I have soo much stuff to catch up on. We're 3 weeks into the Pop Warner season. Our Saturdays are filled with this...

I SWEAR I'll be back soon with a ton of scrappiness. I have like more than a dozen layouts to photograph and post. But, until then here are a few...
This one is straight IRL. Love me some Studio Calico (do I sound like a broken record?)...

I found all three of the newest Sassafras lines at CKC last month. Swoon... Did this layout for my article over at Scrap That Baby. Seriously, I love their new chipboard flowers. I want to decorate an entire room with them. Or myself.

Using some fabulous Making Memories stash. Who would have known I would have loved that printed masking tape?!?

Did this for a design team call. HINT HINT. Didn't use it, but do love these photos...

More Studio Calico goodness. Yes, I know I'm missing an "N". It's somewhere in Farmer Jesse's field by now.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Oh you will fiugre out a rythm and routine soon enough and then you will be like a well oiled machine. Don't worry about the things that will get dumped work on those things that you really want to make a true dent in; ie christmas shopping, christmas card making, scrapbooking, page calls, and the such...Those are the things that matter. Love and miss you all.