Thursday, September 9, 2010

The End & The Beginning

I'm here, I'm here. I don't know why I always think things will slow down when donk getas home. While my to do list is much smaller with hubby taking over menu planning, grocery shopping (WAHOOOO!!) and (for the most part) dinnertime, our world remains crazy crazy busy. Pop Warner season is in full swing with 5 practices and 2 games weekly (between the 2 kids) and the new school year has begun for the Bigs.

I have LOVED having Daddy home this time around. He is truly enjoying his time with the brood and really makes a point to do special stuff for and with them. Like soda in glass bottles with bendy straws on the last night of Summer...

One of the Bigs mentioned having a lemonade stand. Hubby planned it and encouraged them to pick a charity to benefit. Seeing as it was the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon weekend, I suggested donating the proceeds to the MDA. Kinda perfect seeing as I raised money for them as a kid pushing my sister in her stroller door to door in my own neighborhood. They had a blast. But, there is NO way they sold as much as they consumed! We're sending off the $15.52 tomorrow.

The rest needs no explanation. Reagan, my kindergartener. Sigh.

Waitingfor the bus...

Waiting for Mrs. Jefferson to start the day...

Donk needs to get that shotgun asap.

No, really.

Some things NEVER change.

But they do get older right before your eyes. Double sigh.

Just in from the bus ramp.

With our Sassy.

Ahh. They're home. We... I mean they made it.

I found another video of our homecoming in July. So special to us.

*** Please check back soon I have a dozen scrappy things to share. Thanks for listening.


  1. Looks like things are busy, but good Jenny! So glad you have your sweetie home right now. Enjoy the time, sounds like even though you are busy, you are happy!!! Can't wait to see some scrappy stuff!

  2. Wow. The children have grown over the summer!! Great post!

  3. Gosh time flies.. the kids are getting so big!!! I hope they are enjoying school!! Great job raising $$ for MDA!! By the way... is that a Green Bay Packers flag in the front yard?? LOL Thank you for sharing the video clip. I am glad they all made it home safe!! I hope he is home for awhile now. We missed the Blue Angels show in Eau Claire this summer! :( I have to scrap the ones from the LaCrosse show three years ago.. I just can't find the "right" stuff to do it.