Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If You Have a Pulse, You Have A Life With Purpose

So much to say. But, not a clear thought in the bunch. I am getting by with less and less sleep, with that my brain is getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Who woulda thunk that was even possible?!?

There ARE a few things I AM sure of. I love my job. I love staying home with our children and being there for them on a daily basis. And I mean DAILY basis. I love my husband for supporting our family, thus allowing me to stay home. We both know it is making a huge impact on their young lives and will shape them as they grow into young people and eventually leave our home. With all THAT out of the way, I've realized that I have gotten a little lost along the way. Or as the matriarch on Parenthood said last night, I got swallowed up by it all. I love my job as a mom and I love my role as Patrick's wife. But, what about me? Sure, I have my scrapbooking. It allows me the ability to let some of my other things go on occasion, because I "have to" get some scrappy assignments done. But, is that enough? Today, it's not.

And I'm ok with it. I know that these kiddos of ours are growing up ridiculously fast, and I'll be back at my real job all too soon. I'll be missing out on lunchdates at Oakland and cheerleading practices before I know it. I'll be teaching, just like I did before I married Patrick (11 years ago Saturday) and before we started our party of five. Until then, I'll continue to go without haircuts and pedicures and even the time it takes to sit down and eat a hot meal. The rest of my life will be upon me TOO SOON.

Some projects using Simply Obsessed's June kit. Lots of fun products from Bella Blvd.'s Man of the House line.

A gift for a fellow Hawkeye wife...

And another calendar square for Patrick's ready room aboard the USS Eisenhower. Hope he likes it!

Be back soon, friends!! <3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If One More Person Tells Me 70 Days Is Not That Long

If someone tells me 70 days is not that long, they haven't been listening. See that one on the right in the picture? He's my middle one. Poor kid's not one of the big kids and not one of the twinnies. Reagan is the easy peasy independent one. My ONLY kid who does not think he is an only in our crazy family of seven. He's sweet and cuddly and smart and charming. He's also tough as nails. So when he started screaming bloody murder in pain as we were finishing dinner this evening, I circled the wagons and loaded the brood up in the car to head to my neighborhood er. I swear if they don't name a wing after my family I should at least get a Frequent Customer punch card. Long story short in between wiggling twinnies and over tired big kids, they were able to give Reagan some xrays and rule out the bad stuff. Thank goodness. Just add two more ailments to the strep that he was diagnosed with on Monday. Poor kid. But boy does he take my breath away. Sick or not.

A little box full of three new pieces to go with my rockin new Large Hobo Bag from Vera Bradley. Thanks for the cool new diaper bag, Mom. sigh...

This is my favorite piece du jour...

A little scrappy goodness to round out this random post...

Bye for now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flipflops & Pockets

Yes, I am still alive (and kicking). I've been away from this blog for far too long. I've missed you. But, I'm back now. The brood has kept me occupied with illnesses (twice: the stomach flu and now Strep) and the typical-ness of our crazy life. What's a Momma to do? I've had a light load as far as assignments this month, so I've been TRYING to enjoy scrapping just for me. OA is definitely helping with that effort. Seriously, if you don't have October Afternoon's Fly a Kite and Thrift Shop, you need to run right out and get them!! They're THAT good. But, I digress. I do that alot.

We had a great weekend. There I said it. Now don't get me wrong. I am dreading this summer like nobody's business. But, this weekend I survived. I'm sure I will regret those words. But, we all really enjoyed each other's company. Red Box Friday was tweaked and we liked it like that. We did Sal's Pizza this weekend (every other week we do Brinner), followed by just one movie, and rounded off by Family Game Night. Good times I tell ya. Saturday we played outdoors with the neighborhood kids. Well, THEY played outside, while I cleaned out Donk's garage. Sigh. His poor garage is always my dumping ground when he is away. The garage is the first thing he works on when he returns. Daddy knows that I can really mess up a Man Cave fast. Tonight we had Make Your Own Tacos. Boy, the delight a small amount of control can bring to my kiddos is so enjoyable and totally worth the mess left in it's wake.

Got some great photos at P.J. and Julia's school. Both of them got Straight A's...

Some sisterly lovin...

If I act all cool and nonchalant...

Yep, Mr. Third Grade too...

More Fly a Kite Lovin (get some in the Croppin Paradise store)...

And some Dear Lizzy & CC's Material Girl for good measure...

Back to the October Afternoon and Material Girl. Did this while I played along at this month's Crop at Simply Obsessed. Gasp!! Are those pictures of me? Thanks Michelle.

Not crazy about this next one. But, it's a story I had to tell, so into the twins' book it goes. Once they were discharged from the hospital, it was right into the fire that is our life. They spent an awful lot of time strapped into their seats running to and fro with their siblings and their activities! Not always their favorite thing as is evident by Sullivan in the picture.

That's all I have for now. I promise to be back soon. Well, I'll try.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thanks Easter Bunny. bock. bock.

Prompt number 4 is up at Scrap That Baby. Come on over and play. There's a rak up for one lucky poster. Come show us your Easter pages and your cute little wee one, as well. Here's what I did with the prompt. It may not have been the most typical first Easter, but it was a memorable one. We were at Disneyworld!! The bunny had our baskets waiting at the cabin when we arrived!

The sketch this month at Simply Obsessed was created by yours truly...

Here's what I did with it. Lots of new and much-loved (older) Sass...

Did this one for All about Scrapbooks. Mixed the new Girls Paperie with more Sass. LOVE it!! :)

Sorry for the short post. But, the twins are napping (knock wood). I NEED to get my scrap on. Tata, for now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

NSD Blog Hop at Croppin Paradise

Welcome to National Scrapbook Day at Croppin Paradise and Party of Five! Do you like to win free stuff?!? We're making it easy on you today, so you still have plenty of time to get your scrap on. All you need to do to be entered for a chance at a prize today is hop around to the Design Team's blogs and leave comments as you go. For each comment you leave you will receive an entry for a fabulous prize from the ridiculously generous folks at Croppin Paradise..

And now a little eye candy to whet your whistle...

Supplies used: Anna Griffin diecut paper, AG glittered paper, JB butterflies.

Supplies Jenni Bowlin diecut paper, JB Cherry on Top paper, JB Tiny Tulips paper, JB label stickers, JB butterflies, JB buttons.

Supplies used: Anna Griffin green/blue medal paper, AG diecut paper, Prima essentials flowers.


*** Mara is the next stop on the Croppin Paradise Blog Hop. NOW GO SEE Mara Campbell!!!