Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If You Have a Pulse, You Have A Life With Purpose

So much to say. But, not a clear thought in the bunch. I am getting by with less and less sleep, with that my brain is getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Who woulda thunk that was even possible?!?

There ARE a few things I AM sure of. I love my job. I love staying home with our children and being there for them on a daily basis. And I mean DAILY basis. I love my husband for supporting our family, thus allowing me to stay home. We both know it is making a huge impact on their young lives and will shape them as they grow into young people and eventually leave our home. With all THAT out of the way, I've realized that I have gotten a little lost along the way. Or as the matriarch on Parenthood said last night, I got swallowed up by it all. I love my job as a mom and I love my role as Patrick's wife. But, what about me? Sure, I have my scrapbooking. It allows me the ability to let some of my other things go on occasion, because I "have to" get some scrappy assignments done. But, is that enough? Today, it's not.

And I'm ok with it. I know that these kiddos of ours are growing up ridiculously fast, and I'll be back at my real job all too soon. I'll be missing out on lunchdates at Oakland and cheerleading practices before I know it. I'll be teaching, just like I did before I married Patrick (11 years ago Saturday) and before we started our party of five. Until then, I'll continue to go without haircuts and pedicures and even the time it takes to sit down and eat a hot meal. The rest of my life will be upon me TOO SOON.

Some projects using Simply Obsessed's June kit. Lots of fun products from Bella Blvd.'s Man of the House line.

A gift for a fellow Hawkeye wife...

And another calendar square for Patrick's ready room aboard the USS Eisenhower. Hope he likes it!

Be back soon, friends!! <3


  1. Hang in there Jenny!!! I think we all feel this way sometimes. I know I do. I have to keep reminding myself that the kids are only little once. I love being here for them. Being able to just go to school events like Brit's track 'n field today. Love the time I have with them, instead of rushing them thru dinner into the tub and to bed because the have to be up at 5 to go to daycare.

    I love the new pages!! I remember seeing the one pics of Sophia and Patrick from last summer!!! :) I am sure Patrick will love the little page you made him!!

  2. you're always so sweet and supportive, michelle! thanks.

  3. Jenny, you always have such great layouts! I love all that I get to see here on your blog. I know that lots of moms 'get lost' somewhere along the way. Keep your head up and don't forget to do something for you, even if it's something small. I know, easier said than done sometimes!!