Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As If

As if I needed yet another reminder of my everyday life. As if Donk isn't already MONTHS into his pre-deployment workup schedule. As if our squadron family group hasn't already had it's last get together in anticipation of this summer's cruise. As if the investigators aren't still working their tails off in aVirginia Beach neighborhood just down the road from my own to find out what brought down that Navy F-18 just 60 seconds into its last flight. As if a friend returning on a MAC flight from an overseas visit with her hubby didn't just share a flight with a soldier who made THAT ultimate sacrifice. As if I wasn't reminded just yesterday on the tball field nonetheless, that the last two squadrons we have been attached to both suffered casualties. As if, when reading a favorite military wife's blog this morning, I got yet another reminder of just how perilious and REAL this all is. As if my kiddos aren't already naming and loving on their new stuffed animals graciously donated by the Comfort Crew and the USO.

As if my hubby, my kids' Daddy isn't leaving for war in a couple months. As if.

As if.

More Studio Calico and Dear Lizzy goodness. Thanks for sto
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  1. These pages are so cute. It is fun seeing Flat Stanley on a page already. Glad you are getting some scrappy therapy. :) If you are talking about Steph's blog post this morning, I saw it too. So sad and I am so sorry.

  2. Michelle, I missed your first comment. I was wondering what your reply went to. Hope you guys are great.

  3. Those pages are stunning... I love that first one with all the blocks... I am a sucker for a good blocked design.

  4. wow! you have a lot going on! i'll be keeping you in my prayers!!
    maybe this might brighten your day...i have just left you an award on my blog, go see :)

  5. Gorgeous pages...love your style!