Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life on the Hamster Wheel

Hellllooooo Sweet Friends. I'm not even going to begin to try to explain my absence from this little blog.  It's just LIFE, I guess.  A lot has occurred since we last spoke, my biggest graduated elementary school, my littles graduated from preschool, Hubby finished up his crazy workup schedule, and deployed aboard the USS Eisenhower, and summer vacay is in full swing around here.

In July the Bigs went away for the very first time.  All three attended bible camp for an entire week.  What a crazy experience for all 6 of us.  They had a great time, and the babies and I enjoyed some serious quality time as a teeny tiny family of 3.  We attended VBS, bowled, enjoyed the local libraries' reading programs, went to the pool, and saw a movie.  I can't begin to express just how wild it was for me to be caring for and cooking for JUST 2 kiddos.  And the laundry and the dishes... or lack there of.  Totally crazysauce!  Now don't even start me on the laundry that was to be done when the Bigs returned from their week in the great outdoors.  And the GIGANTIC ants that were swarming when I opened one suitcase, ugh!!  I will divulge that the clean laundry piles were indeed taller than I.  Just the thought of getting all of that laundry put away.  Double ugh.

The following weeks schedules include another wonderful Lincoln (housing) event, the waterpark, more movies, the beginning (ALREADY!?!?) of Fall football for 2, and lots of library fun.  What are YOU doing to make these dog days of summer pass quickly?

I do have a few layouts to share...

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