Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is this thing on? Tap, tap, tap.

Yep. I did it. I finally succumbed to peer pressure and started a blog. I figured it would be a fun way to keep track of the goings on of our family zoo. If a friend, or 2 stops by, then that's just the cherry on top. Ya know?

We're crazy busy these days with school and other activities. Saturday morning was no exception. Patrick and I had the kiddos at basketball games and Cub Scouts simultaneously. Daddy manned the b-ball first thing since he's Coach. Before P.J. had his b-ball game he had the Pinewood Derby. He not only took first for his Wolf den, but he also took the whole shebang and won for his entire pack. Go P.J. (AND DADDY). I guess Daddy does know a thing or 2 about aerodynamics. Here's the proud boy with Daddy's car... oops, I mean HIS car.Wink.

On the scrappy side, my Sass Obsession goes on. I am having a problem NOT using Sassafras Lass products on each and every thing I make. I seriously can not wait until all three of the newest collections are available. I must have it all. Here's a layout I did recently while waiting for the new stuff to arrive...

Check back next time for some Valentine's Day goodies...


  1. Jenny - love your new blog and your blog header is fabulous. It's so you - the title and that cute little "j" pin!!

    I'll be back to visit often!

  2. yeah yeah yeah!!!
    So glad you got this baby up and running Jenny.
    I miss you and all the wee ones too.

  3. Nice job Jenny! Can't wait to see all your layouts on your posts.

  4. YAY!! You have a blog!!! I am so glad that you have a blog so I can stalk what you are up to! Bwah ha ha!!! :)

  5. Yeah! You did it! I hope that peer pressure comment wasn't directed at me! ;) I'm glad you blog up and running, I love it!!! Gonna be able to keep up with you. Now you are going to have me and Estee stalking you! Bwahahahahaha! (Insert sinister laughing smilie!)