Friday, February 27, 2009

Six Years Ago and Ketchup

Six years ago this little Sassy Pants entered our world. Not quite sure how we got to this point, but she's 6! She had an amazing day filled with Pet Shop and scrapbooking goodness. We feel so blessed to have this little teenager-in-the-making in our lives. She's 110% attittude, yet we wouldn't change a thing. Happy Birthday Little Bit!

So many things to play catchup with. With Patrick's impending departure, the romantic bug bit him and he planned a surprise mini getaway for the 2 of us. Yep, just the TWO of us. We spent Valentine's Day at this wonderful B & B that I just adore. It was so cozy and the meals were scrumptious. It was so nice to be all tucked away from everything in this beautiful little room in a gorgeous building built in the 1700's. When our family travels, we require no less than 2 bedrooms plus a sitting area just to house all of us. So, this was indeed sweet and so very thoughtful and appreciated.
Here's the proof that we were indeed off and alone. Gasp!

Here's some pictures of the Twinnies in their February Finest.

The December Daily is now complete. A month, or two late, but done nonetheless. Ahh, I know I'll enjoy looking through this little snippet of our lives many times in the coming years.

More scrappy stuff next time...


  1. What a sweet hubby you have! And I love your December Daily album. It is stunning and will be such a great memory collection to have.

  2. Hi Jenny! I am glad you got some time away with Patrick before he left! Thinking of you cuz I know he left today!