Saturday, April 18, 2009

16 Minutes

For those of you who are High School Musical followers, you know that that is the opening of HSM3. Coach Bolton is trying to encourage the Wildcats to give it all they've got for 16 more minutes (that's how long they have remaining in the title game). I think this may have to be my new mantra to get through summer vacation with five children while I play a single mommy and Daddy is off saving the world.

We're wrapping up Spring Vacation up in here. I have survived. It's been a busy week. The weather was gray and miserable so I've, I mean they've, been cooped up too much. The two bigs both maxed out their report cards, so the week started at TRUS so Mommy could purchase their rewards for getting such good grades. That resulted in making cupcakes in Julia's cupcake maker and watching a Lego-version of Indiana Jones on PS3 shoot em up. But seriously, what six-year-old NEEDS a cupcake maker?!? Does that make me sound green?
We also baked again. This time it was J's choice. Spring-y pink and yellow sandwich cookies. Super We're 2-0 so far with the kiddos choosing based solely on the picture in the cookbook. The Bigs enjoyed being home so they could get some precious Mommy Time. Tell me you played Pokemon AND Bakugon all in one week, too! Julia almost left this earth when she proclaimed that it was not Mommy's turn to pick the activity during naptime. The kids had been taking turns monopolizing, I mean enjoying quality time with me, while the babies slept. She thought it was her turn, not mine. I quickly explained to her that mopping the floors was NOT Mommy's idea of free time, but had to be done. Hmpf. she rolled her eyes and stomped off. She STILL weasled some time with me making a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles. Yep, on the formerly clean floor. Hmpf.

I've also been scrapping and am eagerly anticipating Mosh Posh's May kit. We're celebrating our 4th Anniversary AND there's Sass involved. I'm shoving things off my scrap table in anticipation of the quiet knock of my sweet USPS lady someday this week! Eeks! Til then...

I enjoyed four hours away from my brood today. It was my first Mental Health "I hired a babysitter just so I can survive" afternoon in over four years. And boy, did it feel good. More on that later. I've got scrappin to finish before the Sass arrives.

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  1. Hey Jenny, glad to hear you are hanging in there. I am guessing you already know what is in those May MP kits!! :) Of course, we know you will taunt us with it, until the reveal! :) Love the pics and new LO's!! Have a great day (glad you took some time for yourself!).