Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fuzzy Math

I've always been good at math, afterall I WAS a math major in college. So, explain something to me. The twins are 21 months old. They won't be 2 until July. And, if you want to be picky, their adjusted age is really only 19 months (they WERE 9 weeks early). SO, how can they have reached the Terrible Two's already?!? Yep, I said. Some new tricks learned within the last week: sitting on kitchen table with arm up to armpit in the cookie jar, empting the dishwasher and skateboarding across the kitchen on the drawer, empting same dishwasher and closing sibling inside, climbing on end tables and trying to bang pictures off walls, and tearing apart their cribs, mattresses and all.

Had another big weekend up in here. Saturday, I took the brood on P.J.'s Cub Scout Pack's Family Campout. We stayed most of the day in the hot bugginess. Reagan even went on the mile and a half hike with the scouts and was a real rock star in some of the more tired campers eyes. He even stayed with some friends after I took Julia and the twins home. P.J. had to be rescued from the darkness a couple of hours later. I guess he's not quite ready for a sleepover. Sunday, Julia had a birthday party. You should have seen all of the little girls in their Hanna Montana finery. After that it was off to Pop Warner registration. P.J. got weighed in and picked up all of his gear. This year it's pads and a helmet, too. Eeks! Julia has even signed up. She'll be cheering for the Saints this fall. Can't wait to see me juggle a combined 6 practices and 2 games weekly come August. (Note: Please send a letter to the Coca Cola Bottling Co. on my behalf. "Please boost ouput beginning August".)

Here is a rare 2 pager from me...

And a couple pictures from another happenin evening last night for our family. Eatin inside at The Chicken Store for a school fundraiser and Cub Scouts, too.

More to come. Hold tight. Happy Hump Day. I hear the destructos, I mean our sweet babies awakening...

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  1. Jenny.. I so hear you on the terrible twos!! My sweet baby has been abducted!! He messes with the dishwasher too, sits or tries to on the end tables, tries standing on the back of the furniture.. that darn mom always catches him. I have one in terrible twos and the other has been abducted as well.. terrible teens!!! Lord, help me!! I don't think I can survive another teenager!! By the time I am all done with this - it will be 30 years of teens!! Yikes!! I am here for you!!! I can sympathize, even those I don't have twinnies.