Friday, October 9, 2009

Best. Job. Ever.

This is a post I've been wanting to do forever. Even before I started blogging. This is a snapshot of what my days are like. Each day is remarkably the same, yet remarkably different at the same time. I always feel like I'm living in that Chevy Chase movie, Groundhog Day. This, my friends, is a day in my life. October 1, 2009.

up at 0620, shower, make 3 lunches and 2 snacks, pack homework, lay out clothes for 4 kids, get #2 and#3 up, steer 2 to breakfast, get dressed, get #1 up followed by #4 & #5, finish kids breakfasts and get morning bottles, load up car, drop off #3, drop off #2 & #3, go in and set up science project for #1, get groceries with a shopping cart and a double stroller, put away groceries while twins play in backyard, come in for snacks and juice before naptime, while twins are down do dishes (NEVERENDING), finish cleaning kitchen, rotate laundry (it never gets "done"), put-away laundry, clean floors, prepare twins' lunches to go, blog on Mosh Posh blog for weekly assignmnent, edit pictures for Party of 5 blog, fix gate (to scraproom, broken by twins trying to get more of my attention), take the trash cans in (P.J.'s too busy with current sched), get twins up and head out to pick up R at school, yawn 234x's to/from #3's school, pick up 2 kids at bustop, in the span of 75 minutes: snacks, school wrapup, prepare dinner, serve dinner to 4 kids, snack for 1, homework, pack cooler and snacks for 2 practices and prod 2 kids to change for said practices, load up car once again,

phew...drop off #1 at football, take #2 to cheer practice, hang out there and chase #3-#5, go back to football practice, watch the 2nd hour of that, take everyone home, send #1 to the shower and bathe #2 and #3 and put #4 and #5 to bed, put #2 & #3 to bed, make dinner for P.J. and finish up homework with him, cuddle with #1 and send him to bed,

collapse and try to have dinner myself by 2130. Scrap and talk with hubby, bed by 12 or 0100.

There, I said it, and I feel better now. Enjoy your weekend. I know we will. Two football games tomorrow and then off to Hunt Club Farm on Sunday (can you say favorite photo op ever??!?), and we're playing hooky on Monday to go to Busch Gardens. Gotta see the Clydesdales before they take them away.


  1. Oh, my!!! What a schedule. I got tired just reading it;) LOL You are supermom:)

  2. Yeah you're supermom! and you can make time to scrap! Scrapping is therapeutic right?

  3. Wow, Jenny!! Crazy schedule!! I love the new LO of the twins... I hope scrapping is good stress relief after your busy days!! Can't wait to see the pics from your fav photo op!!