Thursday, October 8, 2009

Family of Seven

Not feeling too chatty this eve. My mind is still spinning from the activities of the recent days. After seven loooong months, Patrick and his red truck (seeing this in front of the house really made it real for the kids) are home. We're finding our way as a family of 7, once again. I'm sure by the time we figure it out, he'll be cruising again. Oh well, such is our Navy life. As the Gosselins say, "It May be a Crazy Life, But it's OUR Life". So, so true.
I've finished October's Mosh Posh projects. Those will go up in the Gallery at 10 PM EST. In the meantime, here are September's. The main kit and the add-ons were loaded with Lily Bee and lots of Sassafras. Loove it. There are still some kits available in the store. Just sayin...

***The RAK for some scrappy goodness is still open until tomorrow! you better leave me a comment.... smile


  1. So glad you are all enjoying having Patrick home!! I finally got my pics back and I can get to work on my Sept kit some more. I know, I am behind!! LOL As I have Oct's sitting here too!! I never said I was speedy!! :D I can't wait to see what you made for this month!! :)

  2. Those pics are soooo cute!! I'm so happy you're back to a family of 7!!! =)