Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let the Grappeling Commence

Sitting here at my keyboard watching the remnants of Ida out my windows. She's expected to sit off of our coast for three days. Should make for an interesting Veteran's Day/Birthday Weekend. Still scrappin and loving it more than I should. I am so thankful to have this little hobby that brings me so much joy. It's really hard to wrap my head around just how much of a benefit I get out of cutting up some paper, lots of adhesive, and a few pictures.

Made up some page samples for my LSS. Used some of the American Crafts Craft Fair and did a 2pager (wish you could see it in it's entirety) with the Pink Paislee Enchanted. I think they all turned out pretty well.

Reagan had his first birthday celebration over the weekend. Sam's Club really makes some fun cakes. Gotta love cake AND cupcakes. Meet the Spiderman/Pirate cake...

So, we've been a family of seven again for just over a month now. And, ya know what? I like it. For whatever reason, we've gotten back into our groove rather seamlessly this time around. The fact that Donk hasn't had to get right back to work may have something to do with it. The kids have enjoyed Daddy running them to and from school and activities. And Momma has enjoyed the passing of the grocery shopping and preparing dinner torch. I sound like a real Lady of Leisure, now don't I?!? Patrick did something one day and I remarked to him that I could get used to this, and he just smiled at me. We both knew that wouldn't happen. As I look ahead to the next 2 and a half years, I see a whole lotta me and the cherubs waiting. Waiting for him to come home. Such a glamorous life.

I've got some other scrapping in the works, too. Need Ida to take a break, so I can get some decent shots. Loving the new Sass: Amplify and Monstrosity. Had fun just cuttin that stuff up. Also, just got the Nook and Pantry (from Basic Grey) in too. Such amazing art on these papers. Headed to the scrap store on Friday. I'll be working on my Christmas mini for AAS. I'm using Making Memories newest Mistletoe line and their Vintage Findings. The mini I'm using is Melissa Frances' bingo card one. Too too cute. One of my best friends is leaving me. She's moving to Alabama. We've been friends since we lived here last. I had just one kid then, a baby at that. We'll be scrappin on Friday one last time. grr.
More soon. What are you working on? What product are you just chomping at the bit to get your hands on?

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  1. I hope Ida doesn't linger too long... we actually got the remnants here last year of the hurricane that leveled Galveston. Ike, wasn't it??
    You have some great LO's as always!! I hope Reagan had a very Happy Birthday!!
    You know, I am grateful for our little hobby too. I love creating my LO's (most times). But, I love all the people I have met, mostly online. I don't feel so isolated. I have been home for too many years.. 11.5 years.