Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Check That, I'm Losing the Battle

No, really. The twins are, dare I utter the words... trying to give up their naps. This is abject torture, I tell you. You know how 2 year olds are. You can never take your eyes off of them while they are awake lest they play tea party with your Lenox china or eat styrofoam cups out of the trash or dismantle your Christmas trees in half the time it takes you to mantle it. So, this no nap thing is seriously cramping my style. At naptime, I would typically clean house at warp speed to allow myself some crafty time if I get all my checkmarks on my To Do List.

So, I'm dealing with tired and cranky and clingy 2 year olds. My days are now filled with: MommaMommyMommaMommaMomMommaMommyMommaMomMomMomMomma-MommaMommyMommyMommaMomomMomMommaMomMomMommyMommyMomma!!!

Well, you get the picture. So, I was really happy that I found a little scrappy time amidst the "Mommas" to play with the wonderful Simply Obsessed December kit featuring Collage Press papers. Scrumdiliicious!!! I created 2 layouts and 2 little altered ditties. I haven't taken this year's Christmas photo, so, I will add that to the wall hanging when I get to it. Lots of stuff left. So, I may be posting some additional projects if I can get out from under the "Mommy's".

Without further adieu...

Yep, this is the Prima packaging. I used it again...


  1. Gorgeously festive projects!! Love them!!!

  2. What beautiful pages!! I love the idea of the baby one and with your last one it gives me an idea for a canvas that I STILL haven't finished for the kids rooms. I just got a bunch of goodies in the mail yesterday and am exicited to get it all out and play. I too will have to figure it out between all the Mommy's, ma's, mother's (my almost 4 yo old), and mom's!

  3. I really like your "merry christmas baby" layout! I'll have to use that idea.

  4. Oh Jenny, I can sypathize!! While I may only have one, he is a very busy boy that is always into mischief.. and no nap means crabby boy at dinner! I love your Christmas baby LO.. so sweet. I like the Take Time... I love all the dimension and your journaling.

  5. You are freakin talented and I love all of the awesomeness that you have created. You so inspire me even with the twinies driving you crazy.