Thursday, April 1, 2010

Make Lemonade

Yesterday I got a wakeup call to end all wakeup calls. Please hold those you love extra close today. I spent hours yesterday picking up my house as I waited for the military's wife's biggest fear: the dreaded knock at the door. You see, there was an E-2C Hawkeye plane crash in the Arabian Sea yesterday. The plane was coming back from a mission in Afganistan when it experienced mechanical difficulties. The four crewmen had to bail out int0 the ocean. Three pilots/nfo's were rescued pretty quickly. They continue to search today for the fourth.

Why am I telling you all this?!? That's my husband's squadron. Around 11 last night, I answered the phone and it seems like it took FOREVER for the connection and then I heard his voice. He WAS ok. He was accounted for. Somehow Patrick was able to get a call out, just long enough to tell me he wasn't on THAT plane. He WAS flying ... a different E-2 at the time of the mishap. Please pray for the missing crewman, his family, the entire VAW-121 family, and our Party of Five .

I promise I'll be back soon with scrappiness. It's that silly hobby, support from family both near and far, and sloppy kisses from our kids that get me through days like these. So... go hug someone right now. The dirty socks next to the clothes hamper just aren't that big of a deal.


  1. Hugs to you Jenny... I am so glad that Patrick is safe and prayers are still going out for the crewmember still missing..


  2. Oh my gosh!!! How scary!! I am so relieved to hear Pat is ok and wasn't on flying that plane. I really hope they are able to find the other pilot!!! You are always in my thoughts.. and so is the rest of his crew!! Lots of love and hugs!! Michelle

  3. Oh, Jenny. My dear, dear friend. I am so glad that you were able to hear from Patrick so that you knew for a fact that he was alright. Thinking of you!!!!

  4. HMMMMMMMM! That phone call was the worst phone call; hearing your voice and how scared you were. I hate that we live our lives with this fear of losing someone so precious to us. Know that all you ever have to do is call and ask and I will be on my way. I love you and that motley crew of 5, and know that everyday Donk is in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I am so glad that you got a phone call instead of a knock on the door!!! Whenever Jon is gone my heart stops a bit when I get an unexpected knock on the door. I can't imagine how you made it through the day - you are a strong woman Jenny!!!!!