Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Blog, Therefore I Am

It took me nearly 45 minutes this morning JUST to MAKE my ToDo list for the coming week. It took me that long because I worked on it between changing diapers, rotating laundry, stripping dirty linens from beds, preparing breakfasts, and holding Julia's hair as she... well you get the picture. As I struggled to get my ToDo's down on paper, my oldest looked over my shoulder and said "Don't they know you have FIVE kids?" He wondered why I had so many assignments. This was an easy one to answer for me. I do it, because I need a little bit of ME in everyday. Raising a young family of our size while my hubby is off patrolling the waters of the Arabian Sea does not lend itself to a whole lotta ME time, unless YOU make it happen. So, I have assignments.

And, I blog. I remember starting this Party of Five last year at the urging of some online friends. I pretty much kicked and screamed when I started blogging and when I joined Facebook. These were two decisions I made that are soo all about me. I love having this outlet to share my words... and my scrappy projects. But, it's mostly my words. This from the girl who avoids journaling on her layouts as often as possible. I LOVE BLOGGING!! There, I said. It's not always pretty, but it's our life. And I want to remember it, every little dirty detail. The other thing I love about blogging is the adult interaction that it allows me. I don't get a lot of adult interaction in my day. And, no the girl at the register at Starbucks does NOT count.

You may not know I ever existed by the lack of my own photo in our family's scrapbooks, but I blog, so therefore I was. I AM!!

Now, onto our previously scheduled postings... Favorite moment from last weekend's Cub Scout campout. Once he was cajoled into the truck, he never wanted to leave. He totally got the Red Carpet treatment from the crew. That's Sassy & Reagan at the bottom...

New product love. Yep, I'm a new paper who**. No regrets, no excuses.

And, my first 3 projects for Simply Obsessed. I love that Crate Paper Pink Plum. Go get some. The linkie is on my don't need no stinkin direct link, do you?

Hope to be back soon, once all those "darn" assignments (wink) are complete.


  1. I like your layouts a lot, but even more I like your writing and your pictures. I just don't know how you do it all. You inspire me !

  2. Maya, I was going to email you. I saw a link from May's blog tonight. (I surf the net as I sit outside the twins' door waiting for them to fall asleep.) I can't believe you linked my blog to her post. that was soo was that that spurned tonight's post. i had to record my love for this party of five. i need those reminders. so, thank you friend! it was the smile i needed at the end of today. thanks again!!

  3. Jenny, I always love reading what you have to say. While I don't have the party of five, I do know about lack of adult interaction and messes from little ones!! You always give me a chuckle. love the stories and photos. I love all of your work as well. I come here looking for inspiration. You have such great pages!! I am glad you started this little ole blog!! Hoping you got all of your *darn* assignments done!!

  4. I, too, love reading your blog! You've got a way with words. =)

  5. OK...Jenny...I gotta say....I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!!!
    Having my Own party of 5, I do sooooooo truly relate to your post today! I totally do this for "ME" time, too! I love what I do, I have deadlines, I have schedules, and I have a stack of projects that heed albums, but I am so rewarded...but I guess I don't have to tell you all that do I!??? LOL
    You are one RocKIn Mama...and scraper!!! I am so glad to "know" you and "work" with you!!

  6. seriously fantastic layouts, Jenny!! I love all the banners you used and the Crate Paper is wonderful!!!

  7. Ilove your latest blog post (dito!) LOL. And this layout with Crate paper stuff is brilliant!