Monday, April 26, 2010

Still Making Lemonade


I would like to walk from point A to point B without walking over or around someone or something.

I would like to not have to shut every door behind me.

I would like to not be using child safety doorknobs throughout our house.

I would like to stop using a belt to "lock" our frig.

I would like to stop collecting sippies and bottles from under everywhere.

I would like to not sweep 3-4's per day only to still have crumb-y floors.

I would like to wear a blouse without a couple of hairbows attached to my left sleeve.

I would like to not have to sit outside the Twinnies door at naptime/bedtime until they fall asleep.

I would like to run out to my car to grab something without having to call for "back up" to avoid a couple of runners.

I would like to have less than 64 crayons under my couch cushions.

I would like to not have crayon wrappers everywhere. And the naked, broken crayons, too.

I would like to stop changing diapers after 9 plus years straight.

I would like to banish the word"hothothothot!!" from my own personal dictionary. And also the phrase "on your bottom".

I would like my hardwood floors to be sticker-free.

I would like to be able to put my Diet Coke on the table next to my chair and not out of everyone's reach, including my own.
OK, OK, OK. Maybe not today. I'm no where near ready for Puppy & Sassy to grow up. But, ONE day like this wouldn't hurt my feelings.


  1. Oh Gosh, Jenny!! It kind of sounds like my house!! I would like to be able to get thru a meal without battling with said 3 yr old. I would love to be able to have said 3 yr old do everything in the toilet, not just pee. I too would love to be able to remove doorknob covers and not step on a ton of little people or cars!! ahhh... the joys of toddler's. I am with you.. while I don't want him to grow up, one day would be nice!

  2. Oh Jenny! I so know how you feel! I love your blog! It makes me wish I could put my feelings down the way you do. I really admire all that you do!

  3. Jenny thanks for stopping by my blog, and the encouragement that you get it makes me feel so much better! I am praying for you and your sanity!