Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Belated Memorial Day Message

I know it's easy to get wrapped up in all the "fun" Memorial Day activities... the BBQ's, the friends, the beers, and the sales at the mall. But, I hope you all took the time to remember the true meaning for the day off. So many men and women made the ultimate sacrifice, they never came home. They never got to enjoy just one more day off in May to kick off the unofficial beginning of Summer. They lost their lives so that we may remain free and others may know freedom. For the families of those they left behind, the day will forever be changed for them, as well. I hope you all raised your glass once over the weekend and said thanks.

LT Steve Zilberman. The Hawkeye pilot we lost in the crash of 620 in the Arabian Sea. Please remember him and his wife and their two wee ones. This is what a hero looks like...


  1. You gave me chills! Great tribute to the many men and women so serve our country. My nephew will be one of them in a few short weeks!

  2. Lt. Zilberman's family has been in my thoughts. I was so very sorry to hear/read about that! Hope you and the kids are doing well!!