Friday, May 6, 2011

I REALLY Shouldn't Be Doing This

No, I really shouldn't be doing this. The twins are asleep. Julia is off for the weekend at a campout with Brownies. Reagan and Bubba are headed to bed shortly. Hubby is steam cleaning the last of the carpets. After that, I'm on mopping duty. Tomorrow morning Donk's crew will be here to pack the truck. The kids will be dispersed amongst friends. By tomorrow evening we'll all be in the new house. Sigh.

While I packed and Donk made trips to the new house. The kids did this...

And I dreamed of doing this in my new scrapbook room. Please go check out my first layout for Crop Suey. You really should join in. Lots of inspo and you know there will be goodies involved HERE.

Will be offline until Sunday morning. sniff sniff. I pity the fool from Cox Internet who shows up even a minute late. Til then...

1 comment:

  1. GOOD luck with the move this weekend!!! I hope everything goes smoothly. I'm looking forward to you blogging from your new place. :-) And GREAT first layout for Crop Suey, I love those 3-D stars!