Sunday, May 1, 2011

171 Cardboard Boxes on the Garage Wall

Taking a quick break from the boxes and packing tape to give you a peek at the brood plus one on Easter morn and to share some scrappiness.

Lots of scrappy stuff to share... Every quarter Creative Soup puts on a free AMAZING crafty class. K did some wonderful stuff with this one. Come check it out and play along at Creative Soup. Here's a little tease.

Creative Soup Free Spring Class: Get Messy!

Class Overview: We are gonna get messy!! This 10 lesson class will try to help you to incorporate multiple fine art (and fun art) supplies into your everyday scrapping projects!

We will be working with some really fun and messy art supplies--some which have already worked their way into mainstream scrapping, and some which might seem a little further out there!

We'll have step-by-step lessons, photographs illustrating each technique, and unlimited Q&A sessions!

Please join us starting Monday, May 2nd for our first lesson!

There is never a fee for any of our Creative Classes! So come join in on all the fun!!

In other scrappy news, I put together a simple tutorial for Scrap That Baby. You can find it here. I changed up these cheapy little notebooks into these fabulous creations. These would make great gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Be back soon with my first reveal from Crop Suey...

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