Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wondering Out Loud

Wow, what a week. If you are anything like me, when you heard about the horrific plane crash in Afganistan last weekend that took the lives of 30 US servicemembers and 8 forces from Afganistan, you probably took a moment to self reflect and say a quick prayer for the men & their families. I did this, but kept at it. The burning at the pit of my stomach just stayed there. Every time there was a reference on TV or a story in the local paper or I overheard a friend saying that "so and so" was preparing meals... I realized THIS one was really hitting me hard. But why? I always stop what I'm doing and tune in when I learn of another one of ours being lost overseas or in a training accident here in the states. Even more so when it involves a military airplane/helicopter.

But, I got to wondering why this incident was just hitting me so much harder. Was it because it's the single largest loss of life since the war started? Could be. Was it because it was so many of our very, very best? Was it because the men lost were mostly from the Navy family? Could be. Was it because they were all so young and handsome with beautiful families and wee ones? It may be hitting too close to home. Could it be because some of my neighbors are SEALS, or because many of those lost are from a base just down the road from my own home here on Little Creek? Definitely could be that. But, I think the reason this one is affecting me so deeply, is because it DOES hit too close to home.

I see the SEAL community a lot like our E-2 Hawkeye family. Close. Small. Everyone, I mean everyone knows each other. My hubby and his crewmates are the very first plane to launch from the carriers and also the very last to come back SOD. Safe on deck. Carrier aviation is exactly what you see on the Discovery Channel or in the movies. Absolutely terrifyingly difficult and nerve wracking. And often in the absolute darkest of dark. SEALS and carrier aviators both are a special breed. What they do brings them close, and we families in turn are close as well. Not many people get just what a challenge it is to do what we do and wait for the call or the text so we know they are safe for at least one. more. day. It's so nice to be in a community that gets it. I'm pretty sure this kinship is what those SEAL families are holding onto right now.

So, please tonight hold those you love just a little bit closer and please say a prayer for these fine men & their families. Prayers always welcome all around.

eta. this was written last week but have been having some major blogger issues. be back quick with lots of scrappy sunshine. hugs. jenny

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  1. That crash had me thinking of all of you! I was so scared for all of you. Thinking of all of those families that lost a loved one, but so grateful that all of my scrappy friends' spouses are ok. Kind of frustrated with our media. Sometimes I think they have too much info and let out too much info that it jeopardizes the safety our guys and gals overseas.