Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Buzz Crush on the Way Off Base

Loaded up the brood for a doctor's appointment this morn. As we headed towards Gate 3 to make our way back to Suffolk, we came upon the sight you see above. The parking lots surrounding the base chapel were wall to wall with cars, trucks, and motorcycles. There were policemen directing traffic at every intersection. As I rounded the corner the entrance to our church was barely visible , due to the motorcycles, Vietnam Veterans, and police vehicles/personnel lining the sidewalks and driveways.

Then, it hit me. One of those BRAVE strapping young men lost in the tragic Chinook crash of August 6th was being memorialized. Kinda puts my/your day in perspective, huh?

A couple of scrappy memories to share. This one was done for Creative Soup's Mojo Monday 08.15. Get Inspired: Nature...

Love the Studio Calico mists. If you're scared of misting, you must try these...

Did this one for Scrap That Baby's newest prompt... Just Like Mom (or Dad).

The journaling is in the teeny tiny envelope :Not sure where she gets it from... I mean, I love pictures, but mostly taking them. And Daddy is not one to jump in front of a camera. But, this ONE sure loves the spotlight! Summer 2011.

******Enjoy the rest of your week. Check back soon for Creative Soup's Fun in the Sun Crop & Blog Hop & Challenge starting on Saturday and lasting ALL week. Jenny

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