Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The One With the SDDSS Week 7 Update

OK, maybe "Super De Duper Summer Survival" MAY be a really big name for my brood's summertime fun, but this past week has really kicked my backside. We started football practice 5 x's a week on Monday. Gotta love the month of August in the Pop Warner world. We, read ME, with all the kids in tow will be dragging ourselves between P.J. and Reagan's fields every weekday night til the end of the month. Seriously?!? I'm exhausted just watching them in this heat. But, they continue to love it. Maybe not the conditoning so much.

Last week also gave me our library reading program, 2 sick kiddos, 2 doctor appointments for those 2, my final dentist appointment (yipppeeeee!!!!), reading tests for the Bigs for placement into their new school, an All Military Fun Fest (they gave away 7000 toys!), and a Lincoln Housing Out of this World event. Phew. Big, big fun was had. In between not sleeping much due to my poor little sickie, Sassy and her hacking cough and giving her breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock. Ugh. But this too shall pass, right?!?

It took 2 tries, but we did get Sullivan to try out the backseat of the police car at the Fun Fest. He loves this stuff!

The JEB housing event was so cool. Down to every last blacklight neon detail. Here some of us are as we headed into the fun...

Love watching the light go on in Reagan's eyes as he picks up new skills...

Two more years Buddy. Two more years...


Come play with us at Crop Suey for a little vintage inspiration...

I think I have a very serious Studio Calico obsession.

Lots more to share. Hope you stop back real soon.

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  1. Wow!!! I am exhausted after reading this!!! You are a busy mama!!! Cute cute pages!!! My three keeping me busy.. new apt for the oldest - visits and helping her move. Toting middle to friends and finding things to keep her busy and the little in tow trying to keep him occupied. But nothing like you!! Hope everyone is all well at your house now!!