Saturday, January 26, 2013

And Just Like That... She Was Back

Well, kinda.  I've been here all along, just swimming along trying to keep my head above water.  2012 was a tough one, a big one, but tough nonetheless.  All of my kids got older, I mean a lot older.  P.J. reached my height and then some.  He now towers over his boss momma by about 5-6 inches.  He entered middle school (gasp, I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy, let alone my pride and joy).  He played his seventh season of Pop Warner football and that culminated in a December trip to Disney to compete in the Super Bowl.  Can you say 5th in the nation, Baby!?!  Julia. Julia, Julia my biggest girl is growing into a beautiful young lady with an atitiude to match.  Look out all boys.  Still brilliant and pretty and funny, but the biggest pain in my tookis.  But, this one surprised me the most of all.  She watched her BFF lose her Daddy in Afganistan and was there every step of the way with her.  The pride I felt in my heart as I watched her hold up her friend in some of the most difficult of cicumstances even for a grownup.  I will never forget that.  And Reagan, he had a breakout year in football, as well.  That scrawny beanpole can play some ball!  He just won back to back chili cookoff titles.  Always the competitor is my middle.  The twins?!?  Thriving in KINDERGARTEN!  they love love all that that entails.  Add in cheer and basketball with the anticipation of baseball and football right around the corner, and they are all set.  Now me?  Not so much.

As for the hubby, he had a great year at work, did yet another deployment and flew back just in time to make the trip to FLA to watch his first born compete for the title.  We enjoyed him home for 6 weeks (mostly) and now he is off to Newport, RI for school for the year.  He is getting his Master's and going to skipper school, as Momma calls it.
And me?  It was a tough one.  No doubt.  As is evidenced by my lack of blogging.  There were simply too many days I just wanted to draw and keep the curtains shut for days on end.  I endured a couple of health scares, capped off by an actual health reality for my mom. I know a lot of my readers pray.  And so I ask you for prayers for my mom.  Who is sincerely the nicest, strongest, most kind, and caring human being to ever walk this earth.  I believe in miracles.  And I do believe she will get one.

Enough of all that.  I'll never get you caught up.  Just know we lived.  We lost and we loved.  And tomorrow is another day...

How bout some scrappy goodness to share?!?  Lots of newer Studio Calico kits mixed with my usual bits of stash.


It's nice to be back in my room.  I miss playing around with my paper and glue.  I pledge to do this more.  And I will also try to throw open those curtains more.  Both in and out.
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Thanks for coming back o faithful readers.  How is your world?

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  1. Jenny, I missed seeing your beautiful layouts and sweet faces of your kids. Glad to see you back!