Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The One With Who Rocks the House

Hello there Blog World.  As I sit here at my computer and I look over my photos as I edit and get them ready to post them here, I wonder.  I wonder how we got here?!?  I wonder when the pictures of the Bigs at their sports began to include them all, even the Babies.  I scroll back and forth peering at these sweet faces and who do I see?  I see P.J.'s aggressive nature and love for the game... on Reagan's face.  I see Julia's sheer talent on Sassy's little frame, so well learned from all those times she spent observing at Julia's cheer practices.  I keep double and triple checking that picture of Sullivan stealing the ball, yep, he's a baller at the ripe old age of 5.5.  And I SWEAR. it's a picture of Reagan.

How did we get here?  Everyone says it goes by fast, but good gravy. . .  This is truly fast.  It was just mere months ago that P.J. and I were giggling in the bathroom mirror as we realized he and I were the same height.  And now, he towers over me.  By a good 4-5 inches, gulp.  But, as he says he's still scared of me.  Well played, Momma.  Well played.

As I begin to feel more and more in control of my days, I realize they are becoming even more and more fleeting.  Yet another reason I'm so happy I found this little hobby of paper & glue.  I love how me and the brood can look back over my pages and books and remember.  Because, it all remains a blur.  A delightful blur, but a blur, nontheless. 

With football in the rearview mirror, for a little while anyways, we are now knee deep into basketball and cheer times two.  I can't tell you how odd it feels to see Bubba tag along to practices now.  Where has the time gone?!?



A few of the pages I've been working on... 

Talk to you soon...

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  1. Yes, Jen it is a blur!!! You are going to blink and PJ will be graduating from high school with the other 4 following closely behind. I want to know how my littlest became a kindergartener. I remember this time last year (more like January last year), I was thinking I had 9 mo. left with him everyday, all day. Then BAM! School started! Now, we are already pushing spring and the year will be over before I know it. My sweet little girl is going to be 15 next month! She isn't so little anymore. She is my height. My oldest will be 25 in June!!!! How can I have a 25 yr old?? I have learned I need to try and really savor each day. They will be out on their own before we know it. (and my middle is talking moving to Tennessee when she graduates. :( I will be one sad mama to not be able to see her girl everyday.)