Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Bookends

No, really! What in the world could they be interested in under my couch cushions? It's like the curtain on The Wizard of Oz. You really shouldn't look. There's nothing but broken crayons and stray Cheerios to be found. It is what it is.

Spent 4 hours at All About Scrapbooks today with my friends for National Scrapbook Day. Had fun. Did nothing but shop and chat. Really needed that respite today. It's been a doozy of a week. Seven weeks down... how many weeks are in eight months? I know, don't ask.

Here's a peek of my shopping today. My name is Jenny. I have a Thickers problem. "Hi Jenny".
I've got scrappin to do, so I'll make this quick. Here's some stuff I did just for fun this week:


  1. Jenny, I am so glad you enjoyed your time away. You definitely need the break! I, too, have a slight Thicker's problem! :D BTW, Ben tears the cushions off my couch and chairs too. Have not a clue on what he is looking for.. won't find much in my couch either. Love the new LO's. I really like the Sass Jungle papers!! I think I may need some!! yeah, like I REALLY need more paper.. not!

  2. Thickers. Are. Amazing. 'Nuff said :)