Monday, May 11, 2009

63 Hours and a Chicken Pesto Panini

Well, he made it. Patrick had told me he had to come back to Suffolk for some planning stuff for work. I didn't tell the kiddos until he was minutes from boarding his plane in Tampa. He was here for 2 and a half days and we had alot of catching up to do. The twins were the funniest when greeting Daddy Friday morning. Sullivan went to Patrick happily. Sophia held back and kept glancing back and forth between Patrick's new shorter hair and his face. Eventually, they were both happily in Daddy's arms.

We had a lot of celebrating to do, as well. We celebrated my impending (gulp) birthday and Mother's Day, too. Daddy enjoyed (ha) taking the three Bigs shopping on Saturday. I cleaned up with some lovely (wink) jewelry, flowers, M&M's (boy, do they know me), LOST on DVD, and some other kid-chosen gifties. He wore them out shopping as he shared with me that all three were sprawled out on the floor at Best Buy while Daddy made one of his purchases.
Patrick spoiled me, as well. He got me an external flash for my Rebel and all five of those adorable Hajuko perfumes. So, so sweet. He's ONLY been gone for two months, but I see the quilt is already pretty heavy. Patrick saw to it that I ate while he was home (something I don't always have time for in his absence), and the kids really enjoyed breakfast at the Barrell before headed back to Central Command on Sunday.

Mother's Day took a nose dive shortly after he left, but I'll leave that for another day. Nearly 2 months down and 6 to go. i think i can, i think i can... Here are some recent pages.

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  1. I am so glad you had some time with him. I think it was much needed, even tho hard to see him leave again. I hope the kids were o.k. and it hasn't been as hard to adjust as when he first left. Mother's Day here, Greg worked. Friday, Brit had a belated sleepover bday party. Had him run to M's to get more adhesive, as the kids were scrapping that night. He also picked up a 12" glass mat for my Slice. Tried to be all sly about it over the phone to figure out what I had. Didn't work too well! :) I knew what he was up to. We didn't do anything tho. Just puttered around here. Didn't even think to take pics of the kids and I.
    How cool that you got your external flash! I would like to take an interm/advanced photo class. Love photography! I have a Nikon D50. Hope your week is going o.k. Hang in there~ time will go by fast. And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! :)