Saturday, July 18, 2009

Before My Eyes

Does anyone else find it weird that this is not the first time I've posted a picture of food on here?!? I just had to capture the fact that my ketchup-obsessed daughter (you know the kind... the kid who drags three fingers through her ketchup as she dips her fries, sausage, or anything else that passes her lips) did NOT add ketchup to tonight's meal. Yep, my homemade meatloaf (lowfat, mind you) and bakers passed the 5 star test. ALL five kiddos went to town. Ahh, my work here is done. I can serve this daily, right?

Not sure if these pictures do this 2-pager justice. I'm lovin this swiss dot paper from Bazzill recently. Plus, it's yellow, which I've also been into recently. Had to document these days while the twins were in the hospital and their room sat empty for an entire month. We just were not complete. All I wanted was my whole family together.

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  1. OMG!! Jenny this is so pretty!!! I love the yellow swiss dot and all the sass is perfect for this page!! It must have been so hard to wait.. but it sure was worth it!! Now look at them!! Love the pic further back of one of them "under" the mattress! How in the world was that accomplished? Who did that?