Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday America (and Twinnies, too)

Just settling down here after the festivities of the last several days. Patrick wrapped up his planning in DC and drove down Thursday. We spent ALL day Friday shopping, preparing, and setting up for our Fourth/2nd Bday Celebration. The big day began with a kids' bike parade let by P. on his ride-on lawn mower. We had a blast. So much work, but one of my favorite memories from the day. All of the neighbors who were outside really enjoyed seeing the kids, as well. Such a good feeling to spread the red white and blue. After that, we all met back at our house and enjoyed a jolly jump, water slide, sandbox, BBQ, pinata, and cake for two.
I'm SLOWLY getting back in the scrappy groove. Until I received Mosh Posh's July kit, I had only completed 3 pages since June's stuff. So, here they are. Please be gentle. Will be back with more from the twins part of our celebration and maybe even some July Mosh Posh goodness. Thanks for listening.


  1. Isn't today the twinnies bday?? I didn't miss it, did I?? I wanted to wish them a very Happy 2nd birthday!! I hope they had fun this weekend. What a great tradition, Jenny!! I am glad P was able to be home. I am sure that made it even more special!! Love the pics and can't wait to see more LO's!! Are you counting down the days?? Estee leaves in two days!!! Have a great time!!

  2. OH.. pics of our 4th of July are in my sb.com gallery, if you want to see. Blogger is not liking me right now. http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&u=206685