Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Go Bowling in Franklin with Snacks for your Babies

Red letter weekend for my crew, that's for sure. We started the weekend early by going to Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-a Friday. For those of you not lucky enough to live near one.. na na na na nah! This place is the greatest fast food on the planet. The deal was if you dressed like a cow from head to toe you got a free meal. Any excuse to go there all week long to pick up the costume "parts" By the time Friday rolled around, all the "Bigs" wanted to dress up. So, I downloaded extra "parts" and we put together costumes for the "Bigs" and me and mini signboards for the twinnies. We had a blast with the jolly jump, face painting, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and balloon animals. As you can see.
Saturday was Cub Scouts at the bowling alley in Franklin. We.will.not.return. Who ever heard of such a strict "No Outside Food Policy" that they would not allow the babies to eat their snacks?!??!? So, I allowed the twinnies to scream in hunger until I could get the crew out of there before we headed for the Wendy's drive thru to feed my starving wee ones. Ugh!!!

Sunday was a birthday pool party. My head was on a swivel as I watched the babies ramble around the backyard while the "Bigs" scrambled between the pool and the waterslide. I was exhausted ! After that it was off to the grocery with sun and water soaked kids to gear up for camp today. Got hit by a horrible storm as soon as we returned. Double ugh. We lucked out in the damage compared to many neighbors.

Today was Y Camp for P.J. and Julia. The rest of us met up with Estee, her mom, and her kiddos at the park. I "know" Estee from Mosh Posh. So cool to meet up irl while she was in town visiting her folks.

Been scrappin like a fool, but no pix to share quite yet. Later this week for sure. For a scrappy peek, I DO have some pixs of that Maya Road grab box I bought last week.

I'm audi. Thanks for stopping.

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  1. Wowza!! That's some great MR goodies!! The gang looked cute with their cow costumes!! I am with you. I would of been irritated by the no food policy for little ones too. That one was alittle redundant. I hope you had a good time with Estee!! Today is a gloomy sprinkly day.. I have FP Little People all over my living room. I should of had them drag it out downstairs so I can go scrap. :)