Friday, August 7, 2009

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

I have been on a scrappin roll these last couple weeks. I got my August Mosh Posh stuff done in plenty of time and then moved on to some just for fun layouts. I've been so in the groove I didn't want to slow down and take too many pix or even finish the journaling on some, but here's a peek of just one.

I have to say I am so proud of My P.J. This kid does soo much for me, that I often say I don't know how I would make it without him. It really is the truth. I'm even more proud of him this week, than normal. He has been saving his allowance to buy the drums for his Guitar Hero. He actually saved up $100. Now tell me, what kind of eight-year-old does THAT? Here he is checking out at TRUS on Wednesday.
And getting ready to rock out.

Last week, we finished up soccer season for the three Bigs. Saturday P.J. started Pop Warner football. This is his third year (seriously). It's an enormous commitment of time on my part, but the program is top notch and so worth it. Here he is on his way out for the first day of full gear. He'd played flag up til now, so we're really enjoying this transition to tackle.

And here is the "After" shot. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. Look for Julia in cheer practice. Yep, she's cheering for the Saints. And a look at the completed layout from today. I'm audi.

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  1. Congrats on PJ saving for the drums!! Way to go!! Britty did that last fall. They were opening the AG Store at the MOA last Nov. When the movie came out about Kit, and they released all the new stuff to go with, she decided she wanted the tree house. Gulp! Now, I will never buy something that big. I told her that. It's huge in price and size. She worked all last summer, dog walking, watering neighbors plants when they were out of town, watching Ben for me so I could mow the grass, etc. She saved about $150. Greg's dad chipped in the rest. We had a mom and daughter day. Played hooky from school a few days before the big opening. They had a quiet opening and we went shopping with her earnings. She decided she wanted another doll more and some accessories and let the tree house go. But she bought it with her money. Everyone at the store thought she was so spoiled...if they only knew.