Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Pencil Boxes in Third Grade

Took the 2 biggest ones school supply shopping today. I absolutely love doing this. I think I get it from my Grandma Rosemary. Even as a "grown-up", she bought a new pencil box and crayons each Fall. Such an exciting time of year for all involved. I must admit, although I've enjoyed my summer with the five, I'm ready for them to start back. These kiddos are tiring 24/7!

The kiddos each get their own basket, supply list, and a pen. I just supervise and root around the bins for those hard-to-find notebook colors. Oh yeah, I also tote my camera around...

Here is the rest of that mini I made for my mom's birthday. I included pictures from this summer, including some taken while my folks were here visiting and helping me out with the brood. The big kids each wrote or dictated a few things that they love about Geega. I really had fun putting this together for her. Hope she loves it.

Be back with a sneak of Mosh Posh's September kit. It's sure to be a winner since it's chock-full of brand spankin new Sass and new Lily Bee!!!

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  1. I think Britty would kill me if I took pictures of her while we were school shopping!! She is starting to literally hide from the camera. People are going to think she is a figment of my imagination just like Laura!! LOL! I love the mini for your mom!! I am sure she will love it too!! Can't wait for the sneaks of MP!! Have a great weekend, Jenny!